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What to eat baby cold medicine?Symptoms

The winter solstice has passed, and the weather is getting worse. In the face of the cold winds, some babies with poor resistance have begun to have symptoms of cough, runny nose, and even cold wars or fever. Baby “cold”! Many parents quickly took out their own medicines: Banlangen granules, mulberry bowls, children’s cold granules, children’s cold and heat -clearing granules … Give the baby. Some babies may soon improve their symptoms after taking the medicine, but some babies are getting heavier after taking the medicine. Why is this so? This may have a lot to do with parents’ medication.

Children’s upper respiratory tract infection is the most common disease of babies, 80%-90%of which is caused by virus infections. The rest may be caused by bacterial infections such as bacteria, other microorganisms or virus infections. The effect of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of respiratory tract infections, especially virus infections, is more prominent. Sometimes the correct medication can achieve the effect of medicine to disease.

What to eat baby cold medicine? Symptoms

Cold and cold

Main symptoms: more common in the beginning of a cold, fearing cold (fearing cold or even cold war), mental burnout, light fever, sweat or sweat, nasal congestion, sneezing, cough, phlegm, green fluid green, blue Learn, itchy throat, not to drink, red throat, and thin tongue coating.

Treatment policy: It is necessary to spar the wind and disperse the cold, and to proper the lungs to solve the table.

Medication: Drugs should be used to solve the tables, such as: windproof, sanctuary, anti -defeated poison, cold soft capsules, wind cold and cold granules, pediatric clearing spiritual slices.

Wind and cold

Main symptoms: fear of wind, sweat or sweat, headache, conjunctiva, nasal congestion, sneezing cough, thick sputum or yellow or yellow, thirst and sore throat, swelling or swollen, red tongue, thin white or thin tongue or thin tongue or thin or white tongue coating Thin yellow.

Treatment policy: need to clear the wind and clear the heat, and declare the lipstick to solve the table.

Medication: Drugs should be used with Xinliang to solve the table, such as: Victoria C Yinqiao tablets, Yinqiao San, Sang Ju Shan, Banlangen Raletic, Pediatric Salmonica, Wind and Cold Audites, Cold Removal Railway , Shuanghuanglian Oral Oral Liquid.

Exogenous stagnation

Main symptoms: symptoms of colds, high fever cough, irritability, diet, nausea and vomiting, vomiting sour, abdominal distension, stool sourness, diarrhea or constipation, tongue coating is thick and greasy.

Medication: Therefore, the treatment requires drugs that clear the heat and delay tables, such as: Zhibao ingot, Baohe Pills.

External phlegm

Main symptoms: have cold symptoms, at the same time, severe cough, phlegm in the throat, and thick tongue coating. If a cold is cold.

Medication: It should be used to relieve the drugs to properly the phlegm, but the coldness of the general children can quickly heat up, so you can use children to clear the oral liquid. If you have a cold on the wind, you need to solve the cure of Xinliang to proclaim the phlegm and reduce phlegm, such as: Bai Shoudan.


Main symptoms: In addition to the symptoms of colds, high fever, irritability, unknown night sleep, stunned, and even convulsions. The tongue is red, and the moss is yellow.

Medication: Therefore, the treatment requires clearing heat and solving the table, such as: Children’s Jin Dan, Children’s Huichun Dan, Miaoling Dan, Bao Yuan Dan, Zixue San, and Pediatric Niuhuang San.

39 Health Network Editor’s warm reminder: Children’s cold is a high incidence of autumn and winter, and there are many types. Parents cannot use the medicine blindly. They must choose according to the symptoms and types of the baby’s cold. The effect.

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