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What to eat for your hair?Eating apples can inhibit dandruff

Can fruits be removed? Yes, you’re not mistaken. Dedicated dandruff, in addition to removing dandruff hair, can also be adjusted by diet. Below, let’s take a look at which fruits can help dandruff.

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Apple contains a lot of nutrients needed for skin and hair. Among them, apple acid can prevent the skin and hair from drying, vitamin C has a whitening effect on the skin, and pectin can maintain the moisture of the skin and hair; in addition, the nutrients in the apple It can also inhibit the growth of dandruff, calm scalp and itching.


Cafe is called V vitamin elf. This tender and juicy fruit is the highest sugar content of all fruits. C, trace fat, protein and other nutrients can help digestion, nourish and health care in the body, have the effects of moisturizing and enhanced elasticity on the hair, so that the hair will restore the natural beauty.



Kiwi can be described as the king of nutrition of fruits, rich in carotene, vitamin C, and arginine. In addition to excellent ability to resist aging, that is, anti -radiation, oxidation, and free radicals, it also contains a large amount of ALA acid, which can help to maintain hair for maintenance Water, prevent hair from drying, can comprehensively improve the hair condition.


The nutrients contained in peaches are protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B and C, etc., which have the effects of deep moisturizing and tight skin, making the skin moist and elastic, which can increase skin resistance. At the same time Peach can also give the hair height moisturizing and moisturizing, enhancing the softness of the hair.


Ginana is rich in a large amount of vitamin C, which can stimulate the scalp metabolism, and also keep the hair color after the hair dyed brighter. In addition, the flavor of the golden orange can also make people relax and refresh their brains.

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