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What to eat to detoxify and face light spots

Many foods have good food therapeutic effects. For example, some foods can help reduce fire after eating. After some foods are eaten, they can play a role in detoxifying and freckle, but many people don’t know which foods can detoxify and remove freckles. Let ’s talk about today. What to eat to detoxify and have light spots.

What to eat to detoxify and face light spots

Luoshen flower tea contains vitamins, citric acid and other substances, which can help meant blood lipids, also help the absorption of calcium, and have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, lowering blood pressure. Drinking Luoshen flower tea often can excrete excess body fat from the body, which is also effective for weight loss. It can also mediate endocrine. Many long spots are due to endocrine disorders and toxins accumulate on the face.

Drinking honey grapefruit has a good maintenance effect on the skin, because grapefruit contains a lot of vitamins and has a strong whitening effect. In addition, honey can clean up intestinal bacteria and help to defecate. It is a very healthy tea. Drinking tea can be relatively different from the body, more obvious effects than skin care products, and there are many benefits of health.

Eating bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots have the characteristics of low fat, low sugar, and multi -fiber. Eating bamboo shoots can not only promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, prevent constipation, but also prevent colorectal cancer.

Eating eggplant, eggplant contains higher selenium than other vegetables, peel fresh round eggplant into shreds, add an appropriate amount of salt and sesame oil for consumption. Selenium has anti -oxidant effects, can maintain the normal function of human cells, improve immunity, and has a prevention and anti -aging effect on the human body. Through metabolism in the body, it can also play an anti -cancer effect.

Eating tomatoes, tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin A is good for visual protection and skin repair after sun exposure. Tomatoes do not add sugar, otherwise sweetness may affect appetite.

Rose tea is very, which can lighten freckles, improve skin texture, and eliminate wrinkles. It can make the blood circulation smoother and promote the metabolism of the body. It can regulate the menstrual cycle of women. Normal menstruation can help the body detoxify. Rose tea also has weight loss and weight loss to relieve stomach discomfort.

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