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What to eat to make the skin tighter?If you want good skin, these 8 kinds of food are indispensable

As we grow older, our skin will become more and more loose, so how can we make the skin firm? If you want good skin, in addition to doing skin care, you should also adjust from the diet to make the skin firmer? The following editors recommend several foods that make the skin firm.

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1. Water

Do I still need to talk about the benefits of water? A good water combination must be a good friend of our skin! But what you want to say here is that good bottled water or pure mineral water instead of soda or energy water. For your beautiful skin, you need to make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

2. Low fat yogurt

Low -fat dairy products are rich in vitamin A. This important vitamin will bring many miracles to our skin. If you suffer from thyroid disease or diabetes, it is best to choose organic low -fat yogurt for yourself. One cup every day, you will be healthier and more beautiful!

3. Green tea

The office OL should have polyphenols in green tea that everyone must have, which has anti -inflammatory characteristics. In addition to this, good green tea will not dehydrate your skin. What’s better is, it also shows its ability to antioxidant and anti -inflammatory, stubbornly fight bacteria, and free radicals that make our skin aging.

4. Beat

The berry can include apricot, strawberries, blueberries and blackBerry. These berries have a strong antioxidant power, which means that the more you eat, the longer your skin shows youthful and healthy.

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