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What to make up for the body’s secret code

I believe that probably everyone feels like this. Suddenly, he wants to eat something. In fact, this is the “secret code” that the body passes to us. Studies in the United States have found that taste is closely related to our physical condition. Through it, we can better understand our bodies. Let’s take a look at what you lack with Xiaobian!

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What to make up for the body’s secret code

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Want to eat acid: bile duct function and poor liver function

The first thing to think of is pregnancy, which is because of changes in the body’s hormones. In addition, those with poor bile tract and poor liver function will prefer sour food. At this time, you can choose foods such as oranges, oranges, lemon, but people with sick spleen should avoid eating.

Want to eat sweet: weak spleen

Sweetness is closely related to the spleen. Love to eat sweets is the need for the spleen. Suddenly falling in love with sweets, it may be a sign of degeneration of the spleen. Eat tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, pear, apple, watermelon, etc. When your spleen deficiency improves, you will not love sweets so much.

Want to endure hardships: heart function decline

The bitterness enters the heart, and when the heart function declines, it will suddenly become “able to endure hardships” or “love to suffer”. Those who want to endure bitterness may be that the heart is too strong. It is advisable to eat bitter vegetables, bitter gourd, big head, lily, ginkgo and other foods, but people with lung disease should avoid eating.

Want to eat spicy: lack of lung qi

There is a saying of spicy lungs in the five elements of Yin and Yang. If you want to eat spicy food, it means that the lungs are too deficient. You can choose ginger, pepper, pepper, leek, pepper, etc., but people with liver disease should avoid eating.

Want to eat salty: sodium deficiency

When you long for salty food, it may mean that the sodium content in your body is too low -usually caused by dehydration (such as after exercise, illness, or drinking). Sodium helps maintain the health of the body and normal blood pressure. You can eat high -sodium content to quickly supplement, such as dried or salted popcorn in phoenix fish. Celery and carrots also contain a small amount of minerals, which can meet your needs for sodium.

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