What to pay attention to health test?

Blood testing is a regular item of the medical examination. By testing the various indicators of the blood, doctors can conduct a differentiated diagnosis or clear diagnosis, and finally take reasonable treatment and medication. But do you really understand the blood test? There are some matters that you need to pay attention to before and after the blood test, so as to ensure the quality of the blood. The experts in the medical examination center will introduce the health check -up what to pay attention to in detail.

Blood test attention: health check:

1. Fasting. It is best not to eat high -protein and too greasy foods one day before the blood drawing, because these foods and alcohol will directly affect the blood component content ratio and then affect the test results.

2. Empty stomach. Because people can change the material content in the blood after eating, it is difficult to obtain a stable test value after full blood drawing. Experts require the physical examination to eat after eating the night before to the morning, and the air time is required for more than 10 hours. At this time, various chemicals in the human blood can reach a relatively stable state to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

People will rise after eating, and gradually return to normal after about 2 hours. Therefore, blood glucose examination requires an empty stomach. The same is true of blood lipid analysis. Because chylomaisermia can occur after eating, which seriously affects the measurement results, it is required to take blood for more than 12 hours.

Pay attention after the blood test:

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1. In order to avoid needle bleeding, you need to use a medical cotton swab to press it after blood drawing. The time is three to five minutes. Do not rub it with your hands, otherwise it will cause subcutaneous hematoma. If you have symptoms of bleeding after pressing, you need to extend the press time. If the symptoms of congestion occur in the blood part, apply a hot towel to it after a day to improve it.

2. If the following symptoms occur after blood drawing, including dizziness, dazzling, weakness … you must lie down immediately, and then drink a small amount of sugar water. After these symptoms are relieved, you will continue the physical examination.

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