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What to prevent liver cancer?Drinking more fresh milk can help prevent liver cancer

Liver cancer is one of the high incidence of cancer in my country, and the incidence is second only to lung cancer. The onset of liver cancer is closely related to life and eating habits. Among them, hepatitis B and drinking are the main causes. So how do we prevent liver cancer in daily life?


A large number of studies have shown that about 58%of liver cancer are drinking and drinking, and drinking is closely related to liver cancer. After alcohol enters the human body, it depends on the liver to metabolize. Normal human body metabolizes 10ml of fierce wine per hour. If it exceeds, it will cause liver function damage. In the process of metabolic alcohol, the liver will produce substances such as oxidants, superal oxides, free radicals and other substances that the human body cannot completely remove. These substances are very toxic to the human body.

If you drink for a long time or excessive alcohol, especially drinking height, it will cause liver cells to repeatedly develop fat degeneration, necrosis and regeneration, leading to liver cirrhosis, and ultimately transformed into liver cancer. Drinking the main causes of alcoholic liver diseases such as fatty liver and liver cirrhosis, the proportion of transformed from liver cirrhosis into liver cancer is as high as 70%.

Experts point out that liver cancer is difficult to find early. This is because the liver itself has strong compensation. Only when the area of ​​liver damage reaches 70 % and 80 %, there will be obvious symptoms of hypoglycemia, which is dizziness, fatigue, and sweating. High malignant liver cancer and fast condition. Once they are visited due to symptoms, they often belong to the middle and late stages.

Hepatitis B band is a high -risk group of liver cancer. Compared with ordinary people, the chance of suffering from liver cancer is 100 times higher. Therefore, it is recommended that they should do B -ultrasound and blood draw every six months to know whether there is a possibility of liver hardening or cancer. If liver cancer can be found early, the risk of local liver resection is relatively low, surgery is easier to succeed, and the effect is more ideal.

Some experts said that drinking less or not drinking as much as possible, eating more dairy products and fresh fruits can reduce the possibility of people suffering from liver cancer. First of all, do not drink or control the amount of alcohol. If you have to do it, the amount of alcohol per week should not exceed 150 grams. Secondly, in the case of controlling drinking, if you eat dairy products, such as milk and yogurt, you can also reduce the prevalence of liver cancer by 78%. If you insist on eating fresh fruits every day, the probability of suffering from liver cancer can be reduced by 52%.

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