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What toys to choose from one to three -year -old baby

Children live in the same world as us, but the world in the child’s mind is different from adults. Their world is more fantasy. The game is their main life content, and toys are their indispensable partners.

In order to develop children’s intelligence in the early days, most of their parents went all out and were willing to be generous.

With the new rise of my country’s toy industry, traditional low -priced cloth toys and iron wood toys are gradually replaced by mid -to -high -end electronic toys and mobile toys. People have a impression. It seems that the price and quantity of toys should be proportional to the development of children. The more investment, the more the child’s intelligence should grow. Is it the same?

The more expensive the toy is, the better, the better. For example, spend tens of yuan to buy a toy car for children who are full of age. As a result, the car was broken in two minutes. The child was not interested. This shows that toys should be suitable for children’s psychological development, especially to choose toys according to the age characteristics of children.

Children of the age of 1 —— 3 years old are interested in the illustrations in the eyes, but they are a little timid, afraid of shame, learning to walk, but they are still unstable. Therefore, children of this age need to help toys that see and develop muscle development. Such as: washed soft toys, toys that can float water, colorful block -shaped toys, squeezed toys, suspended toys, and toys that can be pushed or ride. Such as: the car that is pulled, the duckling, especially the sound of the trojan, and the Trojan horses. Large building blocks, rocking chairs, etc. Simple stuffed toys, books made, connecting circles, music boxes, cars, mallets, etc. Do not buy auto balls for your child, which is harmful to your child’s health. Many hospitals have rescued children who have dystrophe due to the inhalation of their throats in their throats.

If the child’s toy is too easy, it will form the shortcomings of children who do n’t care about things and like the new and hate the old; if the child wants to buy whatever you want, it will cause the child to be willful and bad. Therefore, there are more toys in the family to manage properly. Each time you give the child 1-2 pieces of toys, guide him to actively start his brain and change the manner. Play enough and let him clean up himself. Put another toy. At the same time, pay more attention to observing what toys are interested in and not interested in what kinds of toys are now. What is not interested in the baby now, put away the toys aside, and take it out later. In this way, these toys will be welcomed by children like old friends.

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The appropriate number of toys will help cultivate children’s good attention and explore the interest of things, and make creativity develop. In addition, you should cultivate your children’s habit of cleaning up toys from the age of 2. Parents should prepare a carton, or a drawer, and fix it for their children. First, we must help him clean up, put it in an orderly manner, let him clean up in the future, affirm his progress, guide him to appreciate the ability of toys, and achieve the pleasure of experiencing the results of labor. This has the following benefits: one is to cultivate the ability to take care of life; the other is to gradually develop the habit of labor and neat love; the third is to reduce the loss of toys; and the fourth is that you do not need to find it every time you need it.

You can also remind your parents that you may wish to make some toys by themselves. Of course, children’s ability to use them before 3 years old is not strong. Parents should do with their children, such as: simple toys such as waste bottle to make wastes such as tensilers. Although toys are simple, there are no special agencies, no novel shapes, and no expensive fees need to be paid, but they are very happy, so try it.

(Intern editor: Li Xuanying)


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