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What you need to know about newborn jaundice

Speaking of newborn jaundice, it must be the worry of many novice parents. Although most of the jaundice will gradually fade back after a period of time, if the newborn jaundice index is too high, it still needs to be treated. What is the normal value of neonatal jaundice? What should I do if neonatal jaundice is high? Let’s take a closer look!


What is the normal value of neonatal jaundice?

Jaundice is based on serum bilirubin, and can usually determine whether the baby is in a normal state through a numerical reference. At present, the symptoms of jaundice are generally clinical. Generally speaking, the normal value of the full moon jaundice is within the range of 12mg/dl, and the premature babies will not exceed 15mg/dl. When these two values ​​are exceeded, parents need to attract attention.

Of course, we may not know these data, and they are finally judged by inspection to professional doctors. Don’t see a figure, you feel that your baby seems to have any symptoms of cure. It is sad to wash his face with tears all day. In fact, maybe all of them are self -righteous. Annone was frightened and scared!

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