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What’s the matter with liver cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a chronic metabolic disease with more common liver. The disease rate is relatively high. Generally, it is due to the development of other liver diseases, such as fatty liver, viral hepatitis, hepatitis B, etc. If these diseases are not obtained in time Controlling its development will be transformed into liver cirrhosis. When it is found to be treated with liver sclerosis, it is likely to continue to deteriorate and switch to liver cancer after being found. So what is the liver sclerosis?

What’s the matter with liver cirrhosis

If you understand liver hardening from the word and meaning, that is, the human liver has hardly hardened, which will cause the liver function to change. As long as there is a disease, it is definitely not as good as before. After all, the liver function is affected. Hepatitis cirrhosis is a chronic disease. It is not sudden when it occurs. Its incubation period is relatively long. After years of accumulation, it has slowly developed to liver cirrhosis step by step. Therefore, this disease is very difficult to treat.

What’s the matter with liver cirrhosis

The definition of liver cirrhosis in a medical perspective is: liver cirrhosis is caused by one or more factors, mainly due to the permeable fibrosis of the liver tissue, forming fake lobular leaflets. Essence The main factors that cause liver cirrhosis are viral hepatitis infection. There are about five types of hepatitis in A, ethyl, and penta. The more common is hepatitis B. This disease is particularly contagious, especially for extensive dissemination through mothers and infants, sexual contact and other channels. Even if the same needle is usually used, one party has hepatitis B disease, then the other party will be spread. Essence

Usually drinking too much, prone to alcohol poisoning, which is also one of the common causes of cirrhosis. Of course, not all people who love drinking will have this disease and have something to do with personal living habits. Although wine is the essence of food, it is less to drink for health, and do not drink every day. You have to change such a habit.

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