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What’s the matter with men’s “ability”?Doctor reminds: These 5 factors are “caused by troubles”

In terms of husband and wife life, the biggest difference between men and women should be mainly reflected in the opposite of the “desire” of men and women with age.

For men, when they are young, especially when they are in their 20s, they are the time when their ability and desire are the strongest, and as they get older, they will naturally become “more than enough for their hearts.”

1. When will the “ability” of men go downhill?

A foreign study found that men’s ability is periodic.

The first is the periodic of age, from low to high, then from high to low.With the age of age, at the age of 20-30, men’s sexual desire reaches peak and peaks appear.After the age of 40, the functions of the body are constantly degenerating, the secretion ofrogen secretion is decreased, and men’s sexual desire will gradually decrease.

The second is the periodicity of the season. Different seasons, due to the effects of light and temperature, men’s sexual desire and sexual frequency will change.According to surveys, the minimum androgen levels in spring have become the season with the lowest sexual frequency.

The temperature in autumn is appropriate and the level ofrogens are the highest level. Therefore, men’s physiological needs, sexual excitement, and “fighting” ability are also the strongest.

Third, the periodicity of menstruation is mainly related to women, because women come to menstruation every month, and 8-9 days before the ovulation period and 8-9 days after menstruation are the peak of women’s “desires”.Men have a certain impact.

The fourth is the daily cycle. When the male androgen levels are the highest in the day, the morning is the morning. Therefore, most men will appear in the morning and want to be warm in the morning and the other half.

Every man is afraid of encountering the situation of “the man during the day, the man is difficult at night”. When the other half requires intimate contact, he is weak, or he cannot afford interest at all, affecting the feelings of both parties.

So when will men’s sexual ability go downhill?At present, the decline in men’s sexual ability does not have an exact age standard, which mainly depends on personal constitution, living habits, diet structure, etc.

However, it is certain that after the age of 30, sexual ability will decrease with age.Studies have shown that after the age of 50, men’s sexuality has declined sharply, which is specifically manifested as nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, ED (erectile dysfunction), etc.Among them, ED is more common.

Studies have shown that there are currently about 140 million ED patients in my country.According to incomplete statistics, the prevalence of middle -aged men over 45 years old is as high as 30%, and it has a trend of rising year by year.

A sexual survey results show that age played a main role in men with ED.The older the male age, the higher the incidence of ED.

2. In addition to age, which factors will cause men to decline in “ability”?

In addition to their age, there are many other factors that have declined in men’s “ability”, such as smoking, alcoholism, staying up late, lack of exercise, diet, excessive stress, and genital diseases such as prostatitis.

1. Smoking, nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes will not only damage the respiratory system, but also affect the blood circulation, cause the penis to be unpredictable and difficult to erection.

2. Drinking a large amount of alcohol can inhibit the sexual nerves and make sexual behavior deviations, which makes it difficult for male sexual physiological function to play normally.

3. The irregular daily life and schedule. Staying up late for a long time will not only cause energy recession, but also affect normal hormone level regulation and reduce sexual function.

4, high fat, high -calorie, high -salt diet and other poor eating habits will weaken the reproductive ability of men, leading to insufficient blood supply to men’s reproductive organs, affecting erection.

5. Lack of exercise, appropriate exercise is conducive to improving the body’s immunity, and at the same time, it can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, make men more lasting and powerful, and when the body can also release a kind of exciting inner endorphins in the body, this kind of insigninypeus material, this kind ofThe material is exactly the internal secretion that the body occurs naturally, which can make people feel happy and help regulate emotions.

3. If you want to retrieve your dignity, these three things must be done

“Bed kung fu” is not good, not only will reduce the self -confidence of men, but it is not conducive to family harmony.If you want to retrieve your dignity, these three things must be done:

The first is to develop healthy living habits, adjust diet structure, quit smoking and restriction, stay up late, go to bed early and get up early, exercise more, maintain a good mood, etc.

The second is to actively treat individual basic diseases, such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, and excessive foreskin.

The third is to communicate with the other half to understand the other party’s requirements for their “ability” and understand each other.


It should be noted that in the process of improving sexual ability, we must avoid falling into misunderstandings, such as relying on drugs or supplements such as Viagra to enhance sexual desire. Long -term use of Viagra will have certain side effects and bring adverse effects to the body.

Due to the influence of traditional concepts, many men are difficult to enlighten and feel shy when they encounter that problems.In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. Everyone has normal physiological needs and actively solves the problems of physiological needs, which is good for physical health and family harmony.

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