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What’s the matter with the elderly looking blurred?You need to be alert to these 6 eye diseases

The eyes of the elderly suddenly blurred and could not see which diseases might be?

1. glaucoma

When the inside of the eye rises, it will exceed the tolerance of the eye tissue, which makes the body’s function decrease, thereby inducing glaucoma. There are many factors that cause glaucoma, such as family genetic history, excessive eye fatigue, long -term stay in the dark room, intravenous infusion or abuse of drugs, etc. The patient may suddenly blur the eyes in the early stage of the disease.

2. Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetes patients have not been effectively controlled, which may cause diabetic retinopathy. Early visual declines can be decreased to varying degrees. Light eyes can be blurred by looking at things, and blindness will be blind.

3. Elderly cataract

Elderly cataracts are turbid crystals in the eyes and generally occur on people over 50 years of age. This is related to crystal nutrition and metabolism, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and genetic. Blurred things, there are black spots. As the condition worsen, watching things is getting blurred and having a heavy photo.

4. Grooping

After getting older, the vitreous of the eyes degenerates. Especially the elderly with blood vessels can cause vitreous vitreous vitreous or dark shadows due to blood vessel rupture and bleeding and vascular permeability.

5. Elderly macular lesions

The elderly will affect the blood supply of the macular area due to the hardening of the vessel vessels. The macular area is the visual sensitive part of the eyes. When the visual cells and pigment epithelial cells degenerate in the macular area, the patient’s eyes can suddenly see things, decreased vision, or black shadow in front of the eyes.

6. Covering the central artery or vein of the retina

The blood of the retinal sensitivity cells is supplied by the central arteries of the retina. When the central arteries of the retina are blocked, the sensitivity cells cannot get enough blood nourishment, and the patient will be blurred when looking at things. After just a few tens of minutes, the sensitive cells will die, and it will cause irreversible damage to the eyes. Cause.

Kind tips

The eyes of the elderly are blurred. In addition to the above diseases, it may also be a problem with external muscle dysfunction or brain nerve and optic nerve center. It may also be that pituitary tumors are compressed to vision. A regular hospital should be selected for examination, finding the cause, and then treating targeted treatment. Usually eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as chrysanthemum tea or wolfberry tea. In addition, pay attention to using eye hygiene to reduce playing mobile phones and watching TV. Each eye for eye health exercises to relax the eye muscles and relieve eye fatigue.

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