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What’s the matter with “Waist Dragon”?Will it be terrible?This skin disease is not difficult to deal with

Uncle Li from Fuzhou was a row of red rashes on the waist minister some time ago, and was accompanied by tingling.

The people around said to him that this problem is commonly known as “wrapped dragon”. If the rash is covered with a circle, he will lose his life.

This made Uncle Li dare to mention it. Under the introduction of a friend, he painted “spells” on the waist with a folk earthwork, saying that this is “catching snakes”;

In addition, Uncle Li also heard that the “umbrella oil” could cure the “waist dragon”, and he searched around and found the “umbrella oil” to wipe the skin.

However, after these “recipes” have been tried, the “Waist Dragon” has not improved, but the scope is getting bigger and bigger!

Seeing that he was about to be wrapped around his waist, he hurried to the dermatology hospital in Fujian Province. Deputy Chief Physician of Zhao Yan was diagnosed with shingles.

Sons of shingle: pain that can breathe

According to Professor Zhou Changshan, a famous Chinese medicine hospital in Xuzhou City Hospital, shingles are actually chickenpox. This is a group of group herpes distributed along the surrounding nerves and viral skin diseases characterized by nerve pain.

Generally, shingles have a precursor before the onset. For example, local skin can feel allergic or neuralgia, and accompanied by symptoms such as mild fever, loss of appetite, and general discomfort. This is often a glutinous spot in the patient’s affected area, and then most of the clusters of millet to the large pimples of mung bean will appear.

The most notable symptoms of shingles are neuralgia, which is the culprit that causes patients. Generally, when rash occurs, it will be accompanied by neuralgia, and the degree of pain is light or severe. Both mild or severe nerve pain will make it difficult for patients, especially for elderly patients with severe pain and unbearable.

According to survey data, about 30%to 50%of middle -aged and elderly patients can leave refractory neuralgia after damage to the disappearance, which often last for several months, years, or even more.

Who is prone to shingles?

Everyiner is afraid of it, just because of the pain caused by this disease. Most people do not want themselves to have any relationship with shingles. But shingles do not prefer some people, such as low immunity (elderly people, those with long -term illness, and excessive fatigue), people with chronic infectious diseases (patients with upper respiratory tract infections), and malignant tumors with malignant tumors People (leukemia, lymphoma, cancer patients) and so on.

Reminder: I have shingles, don’t use the remedy random

For those who have shingles unfortunately, they want to do everything to treat them, just to cure it. So many patients believed in some treatments and tried. As everyone knows, not only has no effect, but also aggravate the condition.

The doctor said that once you find that you are suffering from shingles, you should go to a regular hospital for treatment in time. Do not use the recipe for treatment without authorization. After being delayed by shingles, it is likely to transform from minor problems to a lifelong disease that is difficult to cure. This is a very serious consequence.

How should I cure it with herpes?

Generally, the treatment of shingles is western medicine and Chinese medicine treatment. Western medicine treatment is mainly antiviral, anti -inflammatory and pain, and Chinese medicine treatment is mainly based on acupuncture, moxibustion, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Chen Zhiping, chief physician of the dermatology department of Wuhan First Hospital, said that shingle -shaped antiviral therapy can be selected from Agelovirville, Gabolloville, or broccoli. At the same time, it can also help a variety of physical therapy.

In traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is effective, with small side effects, few sequelae, and low cost. For patients with early shingles, acupuncture can be cured in 2-3 weeks after acupuncture. In addition, Professor Zhou also introduced that the method of acupuncture depends on the specific condition of the patient. Generally, it is chosen from the size, density of the patient’s blisters, and the severe degree of pain of the patient’s pain.

All in all, it is painful to suffer from shingles. However, it should be noted that you must go to the hospital for regular treatment, instead of buying some plaster for treatment without authorization, otherwise delay the illness.

Do you have to have shingles?

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