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What’s wrong with the drooling of the old man

The drooling of the elderly may be caused by wearing dentures, dental diseases and cerebrovascular diseases.

Ddestion, also known as saliva or saliva, is common in infantiles.Most of them are normal, and a few are ulcers or saliva regulation and secretion disorders.The main reason for drooling is: oral ulcers, bite, pharyng inflammation and nervous system disease.There are often several factors for the drooling of the elderly: First, wearing dentures is not adapted, and it is always drooling.After a period of time, the patient gradually adapts to the dentures, and the symptoms will disappear.Second, oral diseases, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, recurrent oral ulcers, caries, etc., will also cause frequent drooling phenomena. It is recommended to go to dental treatment.If it is gingivitis, wash your teeth, cure it through ultrasonic gums, and local washed medicine.If it is periodontitis, the systematic treatment of periodontal disease should be performed.If it is a caries, filling and filling the treatment according to the different types of caries.If it is a recurrent oral ulcer, oral or external treatment should be used.Third, cerebrovascular diseases, such as cerebral infarction, cerebral atrophy, cerebral hemorrhage, will also always drool.Consultation is required to be treated in neurology.Occasionally, the elderly people are salivating. If they appear unconsciously, when they are stunned or sleeping deeply, they are too anxious or over -fatigue. The actual function is functional, instead of organic lesions.After psychological guidance and correct understanding, the phenomenon of drooling will disappear naturally.

The old man drool needs to pay attention: the elderly eat the spleen and kidney. Looking at the old population here, most of them appear because the spleen aging causes the fluid to operate normally, and it can be adjusted by food.Ginger brown sugar water.Ginger and brown sugar are very good cold foods at medium temperature.Frequent eating can mild the spleen and stomach, dredge yang.If you eat cold food, so as to soak a glass of ginger brown sugar to warm your stomach.Jujube longan porridge.If the elderly have spleen and stomach discomfort because they eat cold, it is also good to make red dates and dragon eye porridge, and then put some brown sugar to relieve spleen and stomach discomfort.

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