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When diabetes meets the Dragon Boat Festival, is the dumplings eaten or not?

The Dragon Boat Festival has arrived. The fragrant dumplings and the salted duck eggs of the oil can not help but let the population flow. However, around the Dragon Boat Festival, the proportion of blood sugar out of control in diabetic people who go to the Department of Endocrinology will increase.

As the main food of the Dragon Boat Festival, it seems difficult for people to resist its temptation. There are always many sugar friends who want to eat rice dumplings to solve it. However, once the amount is not controlled, the blood sugar may suffer …

In fact, the rice dumplings can be eaten, but you have to eat it like this!

1. Before eating dumplings, see if you satisfy these points:

The empty stomach blood glucose is less than 7.8 mmol/L, and the blood glucose 2 hours after meal is less than 10 mmol/L, the glycosin hemoglobin is less than 7.5%, the recent blood glucose has remained stable, and there is no high and low phenomenon.

2. When eating rice dumplings, choose a small head, less oil and salt, no added sugar

For rice dumplings, you must choose. Try not to choose the sweetest rice dumplings such as jujube mud and bean paste; it is not recommended to eat salted rice dumplings containing pork belly and egg yolk; Treasury or adding soba, brown rice, oat rice, etc. replaced some glutinous rice dumplings.

When you eat dumplings, you can also use green tea, Pu’er tea or green leafy vegetables to relieve the food and eat, which is also conducive to the control of blood sugar. In addition, it is best not to eat rice dumplings two hours before going to bed.

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3. After eating dumplings, measure the blood sugar level after meals

After eating dumplings, you must remember to monitor the blood glucose level after meals to ensure that he will not fluctuate with blood sugar due to eating rice dumplings.

Finally, don’t expect to eat cold rice dumplings to reduce calorie intake! In addition, the glutinous rice in the rice dumplings will also increase digestion after cooling, so it is best to eat it while it is hot. If you have eaten rice dumplings and are afraid of excessive blood sugar after meals, try to let your body exercise.

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