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When does fetal deformity usually occur?After this stage, the pregnant mother can be more at ease

Xiaoli came to work in Dongguan after studying junior high school in the small county town in her hometown. In the past few years, she often went out with some fox friends and dog friends to spend the sky. Later, they met Dapeng. Under the urging of the family, the two quickly received a certificate.

Now, Xiaoli has become a 21 -year -old novice mother. Due to her “chic” in previous years, she did not pay attention to diet and rest even if she was pregnant. Check it, and it is troublesome to be deliberate.

What is even more exaggerated is that they suddenly caught a cold during pregnancy. In order to get better early, they took some medicines, because the stimulation of the drug finally caused the baby to suffer from congenital small ear deformity, which made the parents of both sides exploded.

When does fetal deformity usually occur?After this stage, the pregnant mother can be more at ease

The fetal deformity means that the fetus has structure or chromosomal abnormalities in the mother’s uterus, and its incidence is about 3%. Every year in the world, there are about 5 million abnormal babies born, that is, on average, every 5 to 6 minutes, a malformed baby is born, and severe malformations can even cause newborns to die.

There are four types of fetal malformations:

Morphological structure is abnormal: including general abnormalities and subtle abnormalities, general abnormalities include deformities such as hydrocephalus and spine cracks, while the latter is common to multiple fingers, lip cracks, cleft palate and other deformities.

Cell abnormalities: congenital leukemia and malignant tumors are deformities caused by cell abnormalities.

Metabolic abnormalities: Common problems such as newborn thyroid dysfunction and malformations such as hyperbenzalinemia.

Chromosomal abnormalities: Due to abnormal structures or numbers of chromosomes, babies may have congenital testicular incomplete, congenital ovarian dysplasia, congenital fools and other diseases.

Fever should be vigilant 3 months before pregnancy

The early development of the fetus in the mother’s body needs to go through three stages, namely: early, second trimester, and third trimester. Among them, the first month to the early three months of pregnancy, the fourth to six months is The seventh to ten months is the third trimester.

Early pregnancy is the stage of embryonic formation. During this period, any possible unstable factors may affect the development of the fetus. In severe cases, it may even cause congenital malformations or even abortion in the fetus.

When does fetal deformity usually occur?After this stage, the pregnant mother can be more at ease

The American Medical Magazine “Science? Signal conduction” once published a study saying that if women have a fever in the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus will increase the risk of heart deformity and facial deformity such as lip or cleft palate.

Researchers at the University of California and Duke University have also confirmed the research of zebrafish and chick embryos. When taking ibuprofen and aspirin, etc. in the early pregnancy, the fetus may cause congenital malformations in the fetus.

Therefore, if women have a fever three months before pregnancy, they should be alert to taking medicines. If necessary, they should communicate with doctors, understand the side effects and risks of medication, and then decide whether to use the medicine.

What are the factors that cause fetal malformations?

The incentives of malformations in the fetus are mainly the following:

Improper medication: For women who are pregnant, taking any drugs will be transported to the fetus through the placenta, and even the drug concentration of the drug in the fetus is equal to the mother’s body. Essence Therefore, if women need to take medicine during pregnancy, they must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Virus infection: Most of the fetal malformations are related to virus infections, including rubella virus, giant cell virus, toxoplasma virus, etc. After infection of the virus, it will affect the development of the fetus, and may even cause problems such as premature birth and abortion. Therefore, pregnant mothers must not ignore the examination of teratogenic virus.

Toxic gases: During pregnancy, living in a toxic gas during pregnancy may also affect the development of the fetus. Among them, chromosomal mutations are the main causes of fetal malformations. In life, there are many invisible toxic gases, such as high -concentration formaldehyde, second -hand smoke, kitchen oil fume, etc. in the newly renovated new house.

When does fetal deformity usually occur?After this stage, the pregnant mother can be more at ease

Bad habits: In addition, bad habits such as reducing makeup, long -term use of electronic products, staying up late, and not paying attention to diet may also affect the development of the fetus. In severe cases, fetal malformations can also be caused.

In addition, pets will also increase the probability of fetal malformations. This is because the germs carried by pets will affect the development of the fetus. In the UK, 500 babies have deformities because their mother is close to cats every year.

Avoid fetal malformations, pregnant mothers should stay away from 4 things

Drugs: After pregnancy, you must use medicine carefully, especially in the early pregnancy. The fetal organs have just begun to develop. Once the drug is disturbed, organs are likely to occur.

Virus: Do a good job of deformed virus examination is a matter that pregnant mothers must not ignore, because most of the fetus’s malformations are not related to the virus infection, especially the rubella virus, giant cyt virus, and shingles virus to develop the fetus to fetuses. There is serious influence.

Toxic gases: During pregnancy, if there are too many toxic gases in inhalation, it will also interfere with the development of the fetus, causing fetal malformations. Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to enter the kitchen. For the health of their children, the prospective dad also quit smoking.

When does fetal deformity usually occur?After this stage, the pregnant mother can be more at ease

Pets: Many pet feces are the way to spread malignant infectious diseases, and these may cause fetal malformations. Therefore, for the healthy development of the fetus, although they are reluctant to be lovely pets, they can only endure love.

In addition, women in pregnancy also need to pay attention to the following aspects: First, do a good job of checking before, middle, and post -pregnancy examinations to achieve eugenics and eugenics. If you have diseases that affect future generationsLater, not only need to be checked on a regular basis, but also avoid contact with poor environment, stay away from drugs and foods that affect fetal development, and quit smoking and drinking. In addition, maintaining good living habits and schedules is an important way to avoid fetal malformations.Everyone wants to have a healthy and lovely baby, so you should take care of the fetus with your heart when you are pregnant in order to pay for it.

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