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When heartache is good when you are tired, how should you deal with angina pectoris

Packing of clinical and living centers is a very common disease, but when the angina pectoris seizures, there will be very uncomfortable symptoms, such as the painful pain in the mormonal front of the chest, so everyone also attaches great importance to angina pectoris, no matter what it is, no matter what The causes caused by angina pectoris should be treated in time, so how to deal with angina pectoris?

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Angina pectoris session, please rest on the spot

The occurrence of angina pectoris will make people very uncomfortable. The cause of the cause is mainly due to the heart caused by insufficient blood supply to the coronary arteries. There is a short -term ischemia and hypoxia. Patients with angina pectoris will have symptoms of pain and discomfort in the front area of ​​the heart. There are many, and it may be caused by the sudden fluctuations in emotions. If it has suffered a great stimulus, or the physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive physical labor.

The occurrence of angina pectoris must be highly valued. If the angina pectoris occurs, it is necessary to rest in place immediately. After the angina pectoris occurred, no matter what you are doing, you must stop the activities on hand. Go to deal with other problems.

How to use the medicine?

Of course, the angina pectoris also needs to be controlled for targeted drugs. Different types of angina pectoris are also different in the use of drugs.

And if the patients with angina pectoris are still not effectively relieved after rest, they must be treated with the relevant therapeutic drugs prescribed by the doctor, such as di -nitrate sorge glycols, nitrazine, or nitrate glycerin. At the same time, we need to pay attention to avoid adverse reactions caused by taking drugs, such as hypotension.

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If the angina pectoris is fierce and the medicine is not relieved, or other abnormalities occur, you must go to a regular hospital for related examinations and treatment in time.

There are many causes of angina pectoris, but no matter what causes, they must pay attention to and treat them in time. The relevant content about how to deal with angina pectoris has been introduced in detail above. I hope to help everyone.

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