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When is the best knowledge of vaginal examination?


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In recent years, women have suffered from vaginal cancer in recent years, which has also attracted many women’s attention to her vaginal care. Regularly draw some time for vaginal maintenance. Regular vaginal examinations can avoid risks well, and avoid the disease from sneaking quietly to us. When is the best vaginal examination? For this problem, let’s take a look!

When is the best vaginal examination? Vaginal examination, as the name suggests, is to check whether there is a vaginal lesions by checking the vagina of women. Because women usually have cyclical menstrual tide, the vaginal examination time is the best based on women’s menstrual cycle time. Because the appropriate examination time is not only conducive to the diagnosis of the disease, but also for treatment.

Before answering the question of the vaginal examination, we must first know when it is not suitable. Generally speaking, vaginal examinations will not be performed during menstruation. Because during this period, the women’s pass through the uterine mouth is slightly large, and the endometrium will appear wound. If it is checked at this time, bacteria may be brought into the endometrium and fallopian tube, which will cause inflammation of the relevant reproductive organs. In addition, if the vaginal examination is performed during menstruation, the endometrium fragments that have been separated from the menstrual period may be squeezed into the uterine muscle wall, which will severely increase the dysmenorrhea.

When is the best vaginal examination? Generally speaking, the best time for vaginal examination is between 3 days to 7 days when menstruation is clean, because at this time the old endometrium fragments have been completely separated from clean, and the new uterus inside the uterine uterus The membrane has just begun to grow, and the thickness of the endometrium is also the most moderate, so at this time, the best check time is performed. In addition, the woman who inspected the day before the examination should avoid sexual intercourse or vaginal medication, and clean the vulva with water before the examination, so as not to affect the results of the vaginal examination.

Many female friends are very busy with their usual work, so the pressure of life and work is very high. Many people do not even notice that they are already in an unhealthy state, and even if they may have lurking in the body, they have not found themselves. In order to ensure your physical health, you must insist on regular physical examinations every year. When the vaginal examination is best, it is believed that the majority of female friends have a deeper understanding after reading it. In the end, Xiaobian wanted to say that women must be responsible for their bodies and their health.

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