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When menopause encounters adolescent experts, parents suggest that parents should rationally treat their children’s rebellion and start a good parent -child relationship.

As the time of getting married and having children continues to postpone, when many parents enter menopause, their children are in adolescence. How to get along with “two phases” has become a realistic problem facing more and more families.

Yesterday, Jiangcheng psychologist reminded that parents in menopause must pay more attention to their physical and mental health. If necessary, they can ask the doctor for help and debug the physical and mental state. To learn to establish a “sense of boundaries” with children, and at the same time, parents and children should also understand and communicate more.

Menopause becomes angry

Adolescent daughter is very distressed

“My mother is menopausal, and I lose my temper at home every day. You can take a good look at her.” More than a month ago, the 16 -year -old Wuhan girl Xiao Qian (a pseudonym) accompanied Ms. Liu to come to the deputy director of the gynecological department of Wuhan Central Hospital Physician Yan Lin’s clinic. Under the patient inquiries of the doctor, Ms. Liu, 48, had trouble.

It turned out that Ms. Liu’s husband was busy with work. Her daughter Xiao Qian read high school and was in the middle of her grade. Ms. Liu hopes that her children can work harder and take a good school. But Xiao Qian is currently adolescent. She likes to chase stars and loves to play. Every time Ms. Liu said, she said, which made Ms. Liu a headache. In the past year, Ms. Liu’s menstruation often came once every two or three months, and she couldn’t help but lose her temper, poor sleep, and often became hot and night sweats. She felt that she should have been menopause. Sometimes Ms. Liu couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. She wanted to think about it, fearing that her husband would not love herself anymore. I was afraid that her daughter would not be able to go to college in the future and what should I do if she was difficult to find. She became more and more anxious.

Not long ago, she shouted Xiao Qian because of a small matter. Xiao Qian was so angry that she didn’t talk to her for a few days. “Mom, you have been in the menopausal, and you have to go to the hospital to see the disease!” Not long ago, Xiao Qian posted an article about Ms. Liu about menopause syndrome, and Ms. Liu made up her mind to see the doctor.

As a result of the comprehensive hormonal examination, Yan Lin diagnosed Ms. Liu suffering from menopausal syndrome. “Menopausal syndrome is a series of reproductive endocrine disorders caused by low ovarian function after 40 years of age. The age is about 42 to 55 years old. Symptoms include red tide, irritability, palpitations, insomnia, and dry vagina. Burning, back pain, osteoporosis, etc. “After detailed inspection and evaluation, Yan Lin prescribed medicine for Ms. Liu for hormonal treatment. After 1 month of medication, Ms. Liu came to review during the review that the trendy and night sweats were gone, and her emotions were greatly improved.

Good son becomes disobedient

The contradiction between mother and child upgrade

Ms. Feng, 47, is an individual practitioner. Previously, she and her husband worked in a foreign country. Her son Ning Ning (a pseudonym) lived with her grandparents since she was 1 year old. The couple went home once a year. After the child went to elementary school, Ms. Feng Only back to Wuhan. After Ning Ning went to high school, he was obedient in Ms. Feng’s eyes. Ms. Feng was afraid that the child had delayed learning because of this, and often gave him a “thought class” at home to restrict the time of children on the Internet and using mobile phones at home. At the beginning, Ning Ning still resisted, and later he didn’t talk to his parents. He locked himself in the room as soon as he returned home.

On one occasion, Ning Ning’s test score was not ideal. Ms. Feng scolded him again and said, “Parents work hard for you. If you do n’t study well, you ca n’t get a good university, can you afford us? What else can I have in my life, I do n’t read it! ” Later, she was worried about looking for her son everywhere. After a few days, she found her son with the help of classmates Ning Ning.

“How did a good son become like this?” A few days ago, with a friend’s suggestion, Ms. Feng came to Wuhan Mental Health Center to find the deputy chief physician of the children’s rehabilitation department and psychotherapist Tang Yan. After asking the situation in detail, Tang Yan learned that Ms. Feng had a strict control of his son. He hoped that he would be an IT engineer in the future, but his son always loved liberal arts. After the son enters the adolescence, the mother and son often have contradictions, and Ms. Feng is in menopause, and it is more likely to have emotional problems.

“Children have a sense of independence during adolescence and want to resist. I dare not say before, and now I want to say and dare to say, there will be more contradictions and problems.” Tang Yan told Ms. Feng that she had a child that she had a child. The desire to control is strong and controls the children. The problem of the mother and child is not only the simple “adolescent encountering menopause” problem, but the contradiction in the parent -child relationship, but now it is more intense.

“Sometimes parents like to say what they do for their children, which will make children more pressure. Want to think about what you arrange for and do you want? Are you suitable for children?” Tang Yan It is recommended that Ms. Feng must communicate more with her children and understand the child. At the same time, pay more attention to your physical and mental health.

Parents should pay more attention to themselves

Multi -point communication and less control

“When many parents enter the menopause, their children are also in adolescence. How to get along with the two periods’ has become a test of many families.” Dr. Yang Can, deputy chief physician of the Department of Clinical Psychology of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, said that he was a teenage. The children have their own ideas and plans. In the eyes of parents, the old baby in the past loves to talk and rebellion now. In fact, this is the normal behavior of their normal psychological changes in adolescence.

Forty -five -year -old woman, because of the pressure of social factors such as work, family, and children, can easily lead to emotional problems. Coupled with the changes in menopause, it is easy to sleep well, physical discomfort, irritability, etc. If it is not handled, it is prone to contradictions and parent -child contradictions. She reminded that first of all, menopausal women should accept their energy, physical reduction, and decreased sleep at this stage. Second, we should pay attention to their own health status, and regular physical examinations, such as women’s examinations of uterus, breasts, etc. to maintain good health. Third, pay attention to your own mental health, do what you do, and do a good job of self -adjusting. If you have physical discomfort such as chest tightness and panic, you must consider whether you are emotionally caused by emotional lesions. You usually exercise more, go out with friends, transfer your attention, and relax.

The most important thing is that menopausal parents should take care of their lives, do not interfere with and intervene in their children’s lives too much, and establish a “sense of boundary” with their children. The teenage children have their own ideas and plans. Parents can guide it appropriately. If they interfere and intervene too much, they may be counterproductive. If necessary, menopause people can follow the doctor’s advice for treatment and conditioning.

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How to spend menopausal and smoothly? In response, Yan Lin, deputy chief physician of the gynecological department of Wuhan Central Hospital, said that Chinese medicine is not suitable for menopausal discomfort. The endocrine effect is good, and the patient must follow the doctor’s advice. In Western medicine, hormone therapy can relieve menopause, but not everyone is suitable. She suggested that women in need can go to regular medical institutions. First of all, the relevant examination should be improved to evaluate whether it is suitable, such as checking liver and kidney function, blood glucose and blood lipid levels, doing breast gland, gynecological color ultrasound, etc., and then obeying the doctor’s order for hormone therapy. Do not buy it online or take some health products on the Internet or take some health products, so as not to understand the ingredients, cause abnormal vaginal bleeding or breast, uterus and other related lesions. When taking hormone treatment, be sure to do standardized treatment, regular review, etc.

During the interview, many experts said that the contradiction between children and their parents was caused by lack of communication. It is suggested that parents and children should be considerate of each other, communicate more, and discuss with problems to solve them together.

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