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When people are old, all kinds of diseases come?Reminder: 4 kinds of nutrition can keep up, or help enhance physical fitness

“After retirement, the body is getting worse and worse. What is going on?”

Uncle Qiu, a 66 -year -old, was a elementary school teacher in a school. Because of his outstanding teaching ability and good physical fitness, he has been the head teacher before retirement. But after retirement, everything changed, and she retired from leisure, but Uncle Qiu often had backache and back pain. It looked like a small problem, but every day, Uncle Qiu suddenly became a medicine jar.

Uncle Qiu was in pain for this and went to the hospital for examination many times, but some indicators were slightly abnormal on the medical examination report, but it was not a big problem. In the end, the cause was still unable to find out the cause, and the doctor’s answer could not be satisfied.

At this time, Uncle Qiu was puzzled: Why do people get sick when they are old? Where is the problem?

First, why is the disease easy to come to the door after getting old?

Many people lamented “one more than 60 diseases.” Many elderly people will find that they suddenly become medicine jars at a certain age. They do n’t say that they have to go to the hospital from time to time, and they have to go to the hospital from time to time. The disease is so “prefer” the elderly.

First of all, with the advent of aging, the physiological function of the human body will comprehensively decline, and the reduction of the function of the digestive system will lead to problems with the digestion and absorption of food for the elderly. Nutrition absorption cannot keep up, and the physical fitness will naturally decrease.

Secondly, the decline of physical function will also affect the immune system, leading to the decline in immunity for the elderly, especially insufficient nutritional absorption will also increase this negative change.

In addition, from the age of 30, the bone cells are greater than osteocytes and calcium loss will occur. If calcium is not supplemented in time, the risk of osteoporosis and other bone disease will increase during the seniority.

In the end, the lesions accumulated in the body will also erupt during the age, especially the diseases such as three highs and muscle disorders.

After the age of 60, the 4 kinds of nutrition can keep up, which helps enhance physical fitness

Middle -aged and elderly people want to delay aging and enhance their physique, and can start with nutrition to ensure the scientific supplement of the four kinds of essential nutrition of the human body.

1. Vitamin

Vitamins can be roughly divided into fat -soluble and water -soluble according to the solubility characteristics. Among them, there are 4 types of fat -soluble vitamins, including vitamin A, D, E, and K. There are 9 types of tobaccoic acid and biology.

Xie Shanshan, Department of Pharmacy, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University reminded: The elderly often lack 5 important vitamins due to disease factors. Once they are found, they need to be treated with vitamins in time. However, pay attention to these vitamins. Just need.

For example, vitamin A: Elderly epithelial cells are easily damaged. Supplementing vitamin A can promote immunoglobulin production, maintain the function of epithelial tissue cells, and have a certain prevention effect on corneal softening and night blindness. ,pay attention.


Vitamin B1: For peripheral neuritis caused by the deficiency of vitamin B1, it is commonly known as the prevention and relieving effects of diseases such as beater and neuritis.

Vitamin C: It has an important role in maintaining the function of human tissue functions such as muscles, blood vessels, teeth, and bones, and can also increase the elasticity of the vascular wall and reduce the risk of bleeding. Therefore, it is also called ascorbic acid.

Vitamin D: It is also called anti -vitamin. After the skin function of the elderly is reduced, it cannot synthesize sufficient vitamin D, so it is necessary to add separate supplements to prevent rampant diseases.

It is worth reminding that supplementing vitamins should also take scientifically under the guidance of a doctor, and do not supplement blindly.

2. Protein

Protein is not only a source of energy for the human body, but also an important substance that is closely related to the structure and function of the immune system. Lack of protein, it may lead to the malnutrition of protein energy of the elderly, thereby increasing the risk of immune aging and becoming a “hidden accelerator” of aging. It may also cause the outbreak of indigestion, loss of appetite, metabolic diseases and chronic diseases. In severe cases, it will also affect the prognosis of surgery and bring life risks.

“Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2016)” is recommended to add 65 grams of protein per day for elderly people over 50 years old, of which 32.5 grams is best for high -quality protein.

3. Calcium

Calcium substances are not only related to osteogenesis, but also affect the function of nerve and cells, such as: blood coagulation, heartbeat maintenance, nerve impulses, and so on.

However, the elderly’s body has been lost since the age of 30. After the aging, the body itself is probably in a state of calcium deficiency. In addition, the insufficient supplement of exogenous calcium substances will lead to serious calcium deficiency. In addition, people will have a “old shrinking” when they are old, and the structural changes of the bones have a burden on the fragile bone. Therefore, the risk of bone diseases in the elderly has also risen sharply, such as osteoporosis, bone spurs, pathological fractures, etc.

Middle -aged and elderly people are best to supplement 1,000 mg per day, but it should be noted that a single supplement should not exceed 600 mg. It should not exceed 1500 mg in a single day. It is best to add a small number of supplements.

4. Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber has the name of “seventh nutrients”. Its main components are polysaccharides, monosaccharides and derivatives. Because of their rough texture, the ingredients are not easy to digest and decompose by the gastrointestinal and intestines, so the effect of controlling blood sugar is prominent.

According to its solubility characteristics, it can be roughly divided into soluble fibers (yeast fiber) and inseparable fibers. Medical surveys have found that the phenomenon of insufficient dietary fiber replenishment in Chinese people is generally inadequate because of poor absorption and dietary fiber supplements. The authoritative journal “Liu Ye Dao” in the medical community has associated dietary fiber and longevity, focusing on praise. In the “References for Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents”, it is recommended that the appropriate intake of dietary fiber is 25 grams per day.

Third, want to stay away from the disease, these 4 things are equally important

The elderly want to get rid of the disease. It is not only enough to supplement nutrition. It is necessary to know that the cause of the disease is often complex and changeable. In other respects, we must take precautions to stay away from the disease, especially the four things must be done.

1. Eat a good meal

In 2021, the Mediterranean diet was topped in the best dietary selection activity organized by the American News and World Report. The Mediterranean diet refers to the main foods such as vegetables and fruits, beans, olive oil, and grain grains. In fact, there are many survey studies in the medical community that have confirmed the Mediterranean diet to the human body to the human body. benefit.

The Nutrition of Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji University has improved this foreign version of the Mediterranean diet, and finally launched a list of diet suitable for the Chinese: miscellaneous grain rice, 3 times a week of red meat, it is best to use chicken ducks, ducks, ducks and ducks The fish is replaced by the fish, and the fish intake 2 times, 300 mg of dairy products per day, can be replaced by other similar nutrition, and 0.6-1 catties of vegetables, 200-350 grams of fruits. Tea oil, peanut oil, sunflower seed oil, etc. are eaten alternately, and the edible salt does not exceed 5 grams.

3. Love sports

In 2020, the previous study of the medical journal “Nature Metabolism” confirmed that aerobic exercise can improve the muscle repair function by improving the muscle stem cells of elderly mice and make it younger. There are also many studies that have confirmed that moderate exercise can delay human blood vessels, skin, cardiopulmonary and brain aging, and reduce muscle loss. It is an effective way to resist aging.

The physical function of middle-aged and elderly people is more suitable for running, fast walking, aerobic exercise, Tai Chi, swimming and other exercise methods. It is best to maintain it for a long time. Exercise more than 3 times a week. Adjustment.

4. Good mentality

In 2019, a study of the National Academy of Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences, through tracking and visits to more than 70,000 participants, and the investigation found that the possibility of 70%of the most optimistic men’s group’s life expectancy was extended to over 80 years old. There are also investigations in the Chinese Society of Elderly, and 15%are genetic, 10%are social, 10%are social, 8%are medical treatment, and 7%are climate, while the remaining 60%of the mentality of viewing the first is ranked first.

Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly learn to regulate the mentality. It is the best secret of longevity.

The length of life will also be affected by the acquired factors. In addition to improving living habits, regular medical examinations are indispensable. Elderly people are more likely to accumulate lesions, especially the influence of chronic diseases, and it is easy to ignore the small symptoms of the body. Therefore, regular physical examination is essential. Early examination of some diseases may be cured in time to extend the time of survival and improve the quality of survival.

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