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When people reach old age, what is going on with the loss of physiological desire?These three things can help you “revive the majesty”

In real life, the elderly and “sex” often do not stick to it, but in the past, NA sisters have also popularized many articles. It is mentioned that the “desire” of the elderly will not disappear with age.

Nevertheless, one of the facts that we cannot ignore is that as long as we reach the age of sixty or seventy or even earlier, these elderly people seem to have become “unhappy”, and gradually lose their desire for the life of the husband and wife. What is the real reason behind the facts? Woolen cloth?

1. “Husband and Wife Life” can make the elderly younger than their peers

The sweet exercise for applauding is not the patent of young people. The elderly will carry out a regular “husband and wife life” within their physical fitness range, which will also bring unexpected “harvest” to the body.

Mood more pleasant

American psychologists have found that if the elderly with a good sexual function is in a state of nowhere to vent a long time, it may cause certain pathogenic emotions, such as anxiety, tension, depression, and self -negative symptoms. The appropriate intercourse can allow the elderly to “do something to do” and be able to be satisfied with spirit. Sexual excitement is a good medicine for treating the heart and neurosis and elderly depression.

The husband and wife are more affectionate

“Dry Chai Fire” is the sublimation of emotions. It is naturally intimate and touching when the affection is strong, which can make the relationship between the couple more intense. The regular sex life can make the elderly couple feel more stable and happier in old age.

Life is more delayed

Proper sexual life can promote the secretion of hormones and can delay aging. Applauding for love is equivalent to a whole body aerobic exercise, which requires the participation of various organs. Some foreign scholars have found that sex can expand arterial blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and improve human immunity.

Look younger

The prosperity of sex hormones is the material basis for delaying aging. The proper sexual life of husband and wife can help prevent brain aging and avoid aging of reproductive organs, because sexual life can stimulate more estrogen excreted ovarian, make women’s skin softer and lubricating, and reduce the incidence of prostatitis.

2. Why does the old man “desire” decreased after getting older?

There is a real data. Of the elderly aged 55-61, 50 % of the people have a one-time life every month, and nearly 40 % of people can reach 3 times a month. And 85%of young people confirmed that their parents had no sexual life.

Why do many young people have “prejudice” for the “life of husband and wife” for the elderly? Why does the elderly “desire” decrease?

First, it is affected by physiological conditions. Indeed, with the age of age, the human body must be degenerate: muscle atrophy, slow response, and decreased sex hormone levels … These factors will affect the “desires” of the elderly and reduce the number of needs of that aspect.

Xiaoya (pseudonym) is a 79 -year -old Taiwanese. Before she retired with her lover, the two had been working in the seafood factory. When they were young, they were busy to support their younger brothers. “Relationship.

This year is the 18th year of their retirement. Now there is time, but physical strength is not as good as before. “When I was young, I had teeth to eat. I had a meal but had no teeth.” Xiao Ya teased.

Second, in the eyes of young people, the elderly should “clear their hearts” and will not have this need anymore. Affected by the traditional culture, many people have a conservative attitude towards the concept of gender. They think that sex is shameful, secret, and the elderly talk about sex, and they will be considered “old and unscrupulous.”

Third, desire but dare not express. Some sexists pointed out that 94%of men and 84%of women are still sexual behavior after they are 60 years old. However, affected by the so -called social view, many elderly people who desire sexual desire dare not really put forward their needs and cause psychological pressure.

The heavier the burden, the more “decadent” the sexual organs, the delay, and the demand for “desire” will decrease.

Cao Wei recently secretly went to the hospital with his wife. It turned out that the 70 -year -old old man could only find a doctor to prescribe some auxiliary drugs because he could not meet the needs of his wife. “When he was young, his wife worked hard to take care of the family.

Now that my wife wants almost every other day, I can only try to meet her needs. “Cao Wei’s heart became more and more stressful, and sometimes after the end of the sex after the end of the evening, he couldn’t sleep.

3. How do the elderly do “the sword is not old”?

More than half a hundred people, “desire” and “ability” will decline significantly. How can the elderly maintain the persistence of “Bo Sword” and maintain “ability”?

Pay attention to physical exercise: exercise has a positive effect on “ability”. Adhering to regular exercise, you can train your reaction, muscle activity, slowing the aging of organs, enhanced physical fitness, and function will also be enhanced.

Quit smoking and alcohol: Ethanol in alcohol will slow down the production of testosterone; toxins in flue gas will also inhibit sexual function and induce erectile dysfunction. Therefore, if you want to keep the “male style”, you must prevent the addiction of tobacco and alcohol.

Adhere to zinc supplement and selenium: These are trace elements that can improve men’s sperm quality and sperm vitality. Only when the sperm vitality is improved can men’s “up” can be maintained.

In addition to paying attention to the exercise of “ability”, when the husband and wife live, you should also pay attention to improving quality. The life of the husband and wife should work hard to find a new stimulus point to keep love fresh; in addition, the speed of sprint must also be done, and it should not be “move forward” in order to generate pleasure like when you are young. ” Because of learning every time, he gradually reaches the climax.

“Desire” is the same as love, and there is no age limit.As long as the attitude of life and cognition is set, anyone can enjoy the orgasm and stimulus brought about by the combination of interconnection.Reference

[1] “Sex can make the elderly a life”. Global Network -.2008-07-24

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