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When performing surgery, why do you use a green cloth to blind the patient and only show a hole to operate?


There is a magical place in the hospital–

Doctor “vacuum”

The patient appeared “without wearing” …

In the eyes of many people

The operating room is a mysterious place

There are also a lot of gossip

Today, my uncle will take a look with everyone

What is the truth

In order to ensure the surgical environment is relatively sterile

Before surgery, “equipment” must be updated

But what do the doctors wear?

Let’s take a look together

During surgery

It is important to maintain high cleaning and hygiene

Hair and dandruff are the source of bacterial carriers


Surgery guidelines often stipulate

The surgical cap should be completely covered with hair

Cleaning hairless state

And for the safety of doctors

Enter the operating room and wear a mask all the way

Do not pick it in the middle


Doctors generally do not wear white wolves

Instead, put on a green surgical jacket

This is mainly to alleviate the visual color difference

Reduce visual fatigue

During the surgery

Generally spend a long time facing the various organs of the human body

And red blood

If you keep staring at this color

Visual nerves are easily stimulated and fatigue

As a result


And the cold color such as green

It can better alleviate the color difference

Reduce visual errors

It is conducive to doctors in long -term surgery

Organization for identification surgery

Make surgery more smoothly


Doctors usually wear slippers in the operating room

If the doctor wore his own shoes

Shoes, socks, etc. will carry bacteria

Enter the operating room together

Besides, surgery needs to be seen to see blood

If it is contaminated on the blood on the shoe and socks

It’s not easy to clean up

And put on surgery special slippers

It’s very convenient

Not only easy to wash

It is also convenient for postoperative doctors to change

Then the problem comes

Is there a “vacuum” in the green coat?

Out of daily costume habits

Most doctors wear underwear

Of course, there are a small number of people who do not wear it

Not because of “self -relaxation”


Patients may cause blood or chest and abdominal hemorrhage

And the flow of infectious surgical liquid flowing out


If the liquid splashes on the clothes

May stay along the clothes

Wet crotch

Not only can cause feel discomfort

The contaminated underwear must be thrown away

That’s very expensive underwear

While performing surgery

The patient really can’t wear any clothes

Including underwear

in addition

Jewelry wigs, dentures, etc.

Also remove

And cannot make up

But not all surgery must take off

Where to take off, generally look at the type of surgery:

Why do you need to take off your pants for surgery?

To prevent infection

The scope of surgical disinfection should be expanded to the entire surgical area

Need to undress to show more skin

Such as chest surgery

The scope of disinfection involves neck and abdomen

During abdomen surgery

It is necessary to disinfect from chest to genitals

Anesthesia surgery

To connect the ECG monitor in the position of the chest

Observe whether the breathing is abnormal

For some long -lasting surgery

Especially for more than 3 hours of surgery

Basically need to guide urine

At this time, you need to take off your pants to deal with it


The role of a cave towel is

Cover the skin around the incision of the surgery site

Sterile layer

Prevent incision infection

It can also ensure the concentrated exposure of the surgical vision

It is conducive to the positioning of the surgery

And green cave

It can also relieve the doctor’s visual fatigue


Towels also have these functions:

Disinfection around the surgery site needs to be disinfected

Especially large surgery

You need to take off your whole body clothes

At this time, use a sterile towel to cover the body

Only show surgery vision

Privacy can protect patients without surgery

The operating room has a constant temperature of about 25 ° C all year round

During the operation

Anesthesia used by patients

It has the effect of expanding blood vessels and inhibiting body temperature

If no obstruction

Evil body temperature is too low

The operating room is a very serious place

Need to be responsible for the patient

You also need to be responsible for the doctor


The rules and regulations of the operating room

Be strictly executed

Make surgery successfully


If someone tells you that the surgeon does not wear underwear

Please be serious

Don’t tease them with a fun attitude

Let’s like the surgical doctor ~

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