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When the liver starts to develop a lesion, there will be three signs of the skin. If one is not occupied, liver disease is far from you.

In the background, there was a fan of a fan Xiao Ai: “I suddenly had a lot of red moles on my arm during this time. The biggest ones like sesame, small as needle, not painful, I feel that my body has no other discomfort, but the elderly at home at home Saying that this is a problem with the liver and the manifestation of liver disease. I am a little scared. What is going on with this red mole on me? “

What are the reasons for the skin of the skin?

Everyone grows moles. Common moles are usually black or brown. If red moles grow, it is inevitable. So good, why do you grow red moles in your body? There are three common situations: the following three:

1. Cherry hemangioma

Cherry hemangioma, also known as senior hemangioma, is a benign hemangioma. The growth sites are mostly on the limbs and trunk, the shape is higher than the surface of the skin and is semi-circular, and the texture is soft. Generally, the diameter is 0.5-0.6mm.

The word “tumor” may bring fear, but cherry -like hemangioma does not have a serious impact on patients. The probability of the evil change is extremely low, and generally does not need to be treated. If the patient feels the vision is not beautiful, it can be eliminated through electro -burning, laser, freezing and other treatment methods.

Cherry hemangioma generally appears in early adults, and gradually increases with age. People with abnormal liver function and decreased immunity, or being exposed to some chemicals, can also induce cherry -like hemangioma.

2. Allergic purpura

The disease is the main manifestation of skin bleeding points. It looks like “red moles”. Although it grows on the surface, it can violate the digestive tract, joints, and kidneys, leading to patients with abdominal pain, joint pain, hematuria, etc.

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Most of the diseases of the disease are children and young patients. When you find that you suffer from allergic purpura, you should actively find the pathogenic factor to avoid the factor that may be induced. The occurrence of the disease is mostly related to the infection of splin bacteria, virus infections, drugs, food, and mosquito bites!

3. Hormonal imbalance

The disorder of endocrine metabolism can also cause the skin to “grow red moles”. If it is caused by this reason, it should be treated rationally through the drug. Usually should be regular

Practice, light diet, and keep your mood joy.

The liver is damaged, and the body will send a signal

Spider mole: Spider mole is a special type of capillaries. It is generally called red blood wire. Because there is a radiation small blood vessel branch around the center of the mole body, it looks like a spider, so it is named after the spider mole. The occurrence of the area is more common in the face, neck, front chest, back, etc.

The occurrence of spiders is related to the injury of the liver tissue by virus, and is common in patients with acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

Liver palm: liver palms are mostly related to the reduction of liver function and estrogen metabolism. Generally, it is a specific manifestation of acute, chronic hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

Liver cirrhosis has reduced liver function, which hinders the metabolic function of estrogen in the patient’s body. Estrogen is not intimidated for a long time. If it is continuously accumulated, it will stimulate the fine arteries and expand, resulting in the formation of liver palms.

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The characteristics of the palm of the liver are that the size of the thumb at the palm of the palm of the thumb will occur at the size of the fishes, or the red spots, plaques, and the color reduction during pressurization. When the pressure is reduced, it can be clearly distinguished from the palm of the ordinary people.

Jaundice: If hepatocytes are severely damaged, it will cause bilirubin excretion ability to decrease and stay in the blood. When the concentration of bilirubin exceeds the standard, the skin will appear jaundice.

If the liver disease occurs, liver cells are swollen, bile excretion affects the excretion of bile, and skin jaundice will also occur, which is more common in the loss of acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis B.

Liver disease has been delayed for a long time!

“Do not take a disease as a disease” is the most indispensable method of patients with liver disease. Some patients had infected hepatitis C during the blood transfusion, but he did not pay great attention and did not take treatment. As a result, he went to his stomach pain and went to the abdomen. The hospital’s diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer, even the blood vessels have been violated, liver transplantation cannot be performed, and life has been lost in just a few months!

It can be seen that liver disease must not be dragged, nor can it be left!

In my country, nearly 200 million people infected with hepatitis viruses, and there are many cases of “hepatitis-cirrhosis-liver cancer” development trilogy.

Hepatitis can cause repeated inflammation of the liver, thereby increasing the risk of cancer; data shows that about 90 % of the liver cancer is caused by factors such as irregular hepatitis B therapy and no screening. Patients with liver disease, such as hepatitis B and fatty liver, have the risk of liver cancer than ordinary people.

These 3 points are required to prevent liver disease!

First, a reasonable diet is a vital step. Reduce the intake of wine and fat, do not eat too much fried food, animal offal, cream and other foods. You can eat more fat -lowering foods, eat light diet, drink less, do not drink alcohol, and reduce the burden on the liver.

Proper exercise can also protect the liver, because exercise can reduce excessive body weight, prevent obesity, eliminate the harm of excessive fat to the liver, but also promote gas exchange, accelerate blood circulation, and ensure that the liver can get more oxygen and nutrients.

The exercise is gradual. If you do not exercise often, do not perform high -intensity exercise in the short term. It is recommended to perform 2-5 times a week, low and medium-intensity exercise of about half an hour, such as walking, fast walking, etc., so that the body can reach the degree of light sweating.

In addition, pay attention to prevent drug -based liver injury.The liver is the main detoxification organs of the human body. Toxins, bacteria, chemicals, etc. all need liver breakdown, so medication must be used scientifically under the guidance of a doctor.Do not use medicine blindly and use health products, but hurt liver health!In addition to the above 3 points, the most important thing is to conduct liver medical examinations. It is recommended that people with no liver disease are best to conduct regular liver disease examinations every 3-5 years; patients with chronic liver disease should be checked regularly every six months.

Experts said that regular physical examination and standardized treatment can be reduced at least 50%-60%of liver cancer.And even detecting liver cancer, due to early stages, it can also get good treatment effects.

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