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Where did the sperm go after the male ligation?

The ligation is mainly for contraception. In the past, women were usually performed by women. Due to the advancement of medical technology, more and more men have been ligated in recent years, but compared to women’s ligation, the number is relatively small. It is that men are afraid of the bodies after ligation. The quality of life of X has decreased, or they are worried about sequelae, and even associate male ligation with the ancient eunuch “castration”.

Where did the sperm go after the male ligation?

Many concerns and misunderstandings are mainly because of the principle of ligation of men.

You know, women need to be combined with sperm and eggs. There is no indispensable. Men ligate is to ligate the vasters to make the sperm cannot enter the sperm out of the body. Therefore, even if you do not take other contraceptive measures during X life, you can avoid sperm to enter women, thereby playing a contraceptive role.

Some people say that a man’s ligation will affect sexual function. Is it true?

There are many factors that determine the strength of male sexual function. Smoking, alcoholism, kidney function, lack of exercise, bad mood, etc., will affect sexual function. Function.

If some people feel that the sexual function decreases after surgery, it is likely that there is a psychological barrier, and they feel that their bodies have changed, and they even become unconfident and cold. In fact, male ligation surgery is a small operation. In addition to cutting off the sperm output road, it has no effect on other functional body. If male compatriots have undergone ligation surgery, they should relax and leave the thoughts to avoid sexual function. There is an unnecessary impact.

Where did the sperm go after the male ligation?

Lice is equal to castration? Will it become a “mother” after surgery?

Because many people do not understand the ligation, mistakenly believes that ligation is the same as ancient castration. After ligation, it is much worse than eunuchs. Over time, it will affect the second sexual characteristics of men, the disappearance of the beard, the softness of the sound, etc., becoming feminine.

In fact, the second sexual characteristics of men are determined by therogen. Therogen mainly refers to a type of endocrine hormone synthesized by adrenal gonad (testicular). The adrenal cortex can also synthesize a certain amount ofrogens. Therefore, don’t worry about men who will become feminine after ligation, and the two are not necessarily related.

Since the sperm will occur after the ligation, and it does not discharge the body, where is the sperm going?

Where did the sperm go after the male ligation?

After the ligation, men will still produce sperm. Since the vasal tube is ligated, the sperm will not be discharged from the body. Is that continuously accumulated in the body? The answer is no, sperm will be absorbed by the cells in the body, don’t worry about too many adverse consequences.

Male ligation is a small operation. It can be done in the hospital clinic. The operation time is also very short, but it should be noted that you must go to a regular hospital. Pay attention to the wound after surgery. Because there may be sperm residues, the same room within 3 months after surgery is still needed to do contraceptive measures such as wearing condoms to prevent accidents.

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