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Where do people who have constipation for a few days?Rumor: Not being absorbed by the body

“Xiao Jiu, why do you always eat bananas recently? Is the banana so delicious?”

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“I … I don’t want it either, it’s not because of the recent one!”

“Come to Auntie?”

“It’s constipation! It’s almost a month!”

If you ask Xiao Jiu’s constipation, you will have a premonition of “Xiang” all the time.

Squatting in the toilet for half an hour, just squatting, nothing!

First, the person who has a long -term constipation goes?

Constipation is very embarrassing as a hidden hidden existence. Some studies have shown that my country ’s chronic constipation patients currently account for 3%to 17.6%, and the probability of constipation is higher. Why do people have the problem of constipation?

Before we understand constipation, we first understand how the feces occur.

The foods we consume are digested into small molecules dissolved in water by the gastric juice in the stomach. After the nutrients contained in these small molecules are completely absorbed by the small intestine, they will become residue and transport them to the large intestine.

Usually the intestinal qi experience allows the intestine to expand mild, so as to promote intestinal motility and push the feces to the distal colon. This push movement will last two to three times a day until the feces are pushed to the sigmal colon.

Then the gastrointestinal and colon reflexes and position reflex will make the colon move and send the feces to the rectum. After the stool is accumulated to a certain amount, the defecation reflection will be caused, and the feces will be discharged.

The formation of feces will take 12 hours. In this process, if the feces stay at the large intestine for a long time, it will become dry and hardening, resulting in the increased difficulty of transportation. Such a malignant cycle for a long time will lead to constipation.

How should I judge whether I have constipation in life?

You need to understand the three symptoms of constipation: reduce stool, stool is too hard, and stool is difficult.

If these three symptoms occur during defecation, and this situation lasts more than six months, it is chronic constipation. Especially for some severe constipation patients, the number of defecations may be less than four times a month.

2. Favorite these 4 categories of constipation

Constipation seriously plagues people’s lives, especially the four types of people are the most prone to constipation.

1. Hot secrets: people who eat meat and smoke often

The gastrointestinal dryness and hot internal knotting, consumption of damage fluid will cause the large intestine to conduct losses and dry stools, and constipation comes from this. The hot secrets are more alcohol and like spicy food, or often eat meat and smoke.

2, qi secret: overwhelming, unwilling to move

Qi secrets are the depression and disorders of the gas machine. At this time, the stagnation of the stool and the failure to fall into the end will eventually lead to constipation. People of qi are often worried about excessiveness and poor emotions, and they often sit still for a long time. For example, white -collar workers in the office for a long time are easy to be secret.

3. Cold secrets: old and old and decline

When the yang qi is deficient in the body and the endogenous internal and cold, the yang is not unprecedented. The symptoms of constipation caused by the weakness of the intestinal transmission and the difficulty of the stool. Generally, cold secrets are more common in old body decline and long -term patients, and they also have symptoms such as intestinal and abdominal pain.

4, virtual secret: tiredness

Frequisites can be divided into qi deficiency constipation, blood deficiency constipation and qi and blood constipation. There are many manifestations of tires and weakness of the secrets. The cause of constipation is directly related to the internal injuries, after illness, and old, old, and blood, because qi deficiency often leads to the weakness of the large intestine. Moisturizing the large intestine, stools are hard to discharge.

Third, long -term constipation, carefully causing a disease

Many people in life think that constipation is a trivial matter, and it does not even attract attention. It is unknown that long -term constipation is likely to cause a disease!

Increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

Japan found in a 20 -year follow -up survey of 70,000 people and found that the risk of chronic constipation patients with coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke increased. In particular, the elderly defecate due to constipation, often causing myocardial infarction and stroke problems. No one found in the toilet will cause irreversible consequences.

Increase the risk of bowel cancer

The intestinal transmission time of constipation patients will be extended, and it is easy to increase the contact time of carcinogens and intestinal mucosa in the feces. Especially for chronic constipation patients, the risk of colon cancer and benign colon polyps will increase significantly.

Improving the risk of intestinal diseases

Chronic constipation allows feces to compress the rectum for a long time and cause rectal ulcers, causing blood and abdominal pain symptoms. In addition, patients with chronic constipation patients can also cause anal fissure and hemorrhoids.

Fourth, constipation, can you only eat bananas?

Don’t eat bananas, in fact, mango is also a good choice. Mango -rich fibers and polyphenols can alleviate digestive problems than other fruits and vegetables, and have a good improvement of constipation and intestinal inflammation.

In addition, many people in life will improve constipation through eating dragon fruit. Indeed, the dietary fiber rich in dragon fruit can promote intestinal peristalsis and effect better than bananas. However, if you simply want to alleviate the symptoms of constipation, it is more recommended to be a white -hearted dragon fruit. Compared with the red heart dragon fruit, it has higher dietary fiber and lower calories.

In addition, studies have found that walnuts also have a role in constipation. Walnut oil and crude fiber in walnuts can soften stools and lubricate intestines, stimulate intestinal peristalsis to allow feces to discharge smoothly. It should be noted that walnuts should not eat with wine, and patients with bronchial dilatation and pneumonia should not eat walnuts.

As the lifestyle and eating habits are gradually westernized, the constipation of our country is constantly expanding, especially with age, the prevalence of chronic constipation over 60 years of age has reached 22%. In particular, chronic constipation will increase cardiovascular disease. The risk of diseases such as bowel cancer.

Therefore, we must pay more attention to constipation in life. You can improve the symptoms of constipation through healthy diet and active exercise. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time if necessary.Reference materials:

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