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Whether men and women, why become stupid when they fall in love?Blame the “love hormone” secreted by the brain

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A study of “Nature” shows

When people are in love, the brain will secrete more dopamine

Dopamine is a “gossip butler”

It will participate in the whole love process

Let you have love

Feel the happiness of love

But it is not a saving master at the same time

Will inhibit the memory retrieval of the brain

Simply put

It will make the brain lose the ability to grab some memories

Little memory occurred

To prove this conclusion

Skripus Institute in the United States

Experiment to use biological fruit flies

After fruit flies have long -term memory of this stimulus

Strike or use a blue light to illuminate the fruit fly in the box

Stimulate its secretion of dopamine

Finally, researchers discovered

The brain of the fruit fly stimulated by electric shock

Weaken the once -smell memory

But 1 hour later

After decreased dopamine concentration

Its memory is back again

Like the handsome guy in front

I often forget what my girlfriend explains

It is a relatively light situation

Some people even

Will make an error judgment on important things

Even irrational behavior

Do things that endanger social harmony

After falling in love or feelings stable

Dopamine secretion level will decrease

The memory retrieval function of the brain is launched again

Happy and unhappy things can remember


You can also eat these foods more

These foods have a sedative effect

It can reduce the content of dopamine in the human body

Reduce your excitement for love

Will be more rational

1. Make you more exercise ability

Dopamine projection brain area

It has a clear adjustment effect on exercise

Reinforcement of physical coordination

Small to military training does not go smoothly

Big to the body is sensitive

Can quickly make physical reactions to emergencies

2. Keep a pleasant mood

The higher the dopamine concentration

People will feel happier and happier


Couples should cherish the love period

Once you break up or get married

This kind of happiness is getting less and less

It is the same as playing games and eating happiness

This is the reward mechanism of the brain to the body

3. Used for first aid

Dopamine is still rescue drug

Help to increase myocardial contraction

Reduce urine output and kidney blood flow

Stop certain organs to cause a vicious cycle of shock

Mainly used for emergencies such as myocardial infarction and trauma shock

4. Anti -cancer

“Schizophr Bull”, “The Breast”

Waiting for magazine research proves

Dopamine can directly inhibit tumor cell growth

And inhibit the new life of tumor vascular

Improve the immunity of the body against the tumor

The purpose of fighting against tumors

01 Exercise

Dopamine is a neurotransmitters secreted by the brain

When the human body is stimulated

The brain will issue an order


for example

Run for 30-40 minutes

(The best way to secrete dopamine)

Yoga 45-50 minutes

Take a walk for about 30 minutes

02 Tyrtin

Dopamine is mainly generated by tyrosine in the human body

Healthy people usually eat more

Almond, avocado, banana, etc.

Foods rich in tyrosine

But if there is too little dopamine in the body due to the disease

(Such as depression people)

Then you can eat some health products or drugs containing tyrosine

Promote dopamine secretion

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