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Which artificial insemination and IVF babies are better?Experts explain to you at one time

The comprehensive role of contemporary people’s heavy life, work pressure, the impact of the industrial environment, and poor living habits make women getting more and more difficult to get pregnant, and even many men have infertility.

In response to this situation, many people want to try to conceive their children through artificial insemination and IVF babies. What are the differences between the two, and which one is easier to “win”?

What is the difference between artificial insemination and IVF?

Artificial insemination

Simply put, artificial insemination is to use artificial methods to prefer men’s sperm and inject them into women’s cervix or uterine cavity. The combination of eggs and sperm to achieve conception.

This pregnancy method is suitable for people who are normal or both sides of the female fallopian tube and can complete the fertilization process. In addition, infertility caused by male reasons such as BO is obstacle, less essence, sperm -neat or special causes, causing infertility. You can also adopt artificial insemination and pregnancy.

Because the sperm of artificial insemination can come from a spouse or a non -spouse, it is applicable to a couple or a single but single but a woman who wants a child.

The price of artificial insemination is generally between 3,000 and 8,000 yuan. The costs of different hospitals are different. The specific cost will also be related to the difficulty of artificial insemination. It is the quality of sperm and eggs, as well as the combination of sperm eggs.

test tube baby

Unlike artificial insemination, the operation of IVF is more complicated, more difficult, and more expensive. IVF needs to use reproductive assistance technology to embed the sperm and eggs in vitro to form fertilized eggs and implant into the female uterine cavity.

IVF is suitable for women with both bioplapia or poor pelvic environment. Infertility or single women want children to be infertile or single women want children to have poor sperm quality, less essence, and difficulty in discharge.

However, the power of the pregnancy of IVF is affected by multiple factors, such as the quality of sperm and eggs, and the environment of the uterus.

IVF not only needs to meet the requirements, but also needs to consider the economic situation, because the cost of IVF is high, not only the need to pay the early ovulation drugs, but also the inspection fee and maintain the treatment fee for several cycles.

Overall, the cost of completing IVF at least tens of thousands of costs. Of course, poor physical conditions need to increase the treatment cycle or choose hundreds of thousands of hospitals with higher charges.

Whether it is artificial insemination or IVF, the pregnancy process is exactly the same as that of natural conception. Despite this, some people will worry about whether the children born with artificial insemination and IVF are different from natural conception?

What is the difference between natural pregnancy and artificial insemination and IVF children?

Life problem: Studies have found that artificial insemination children and IVF are no difference in life with children who are naturally conceived, but as far as life span is concerned, it has a certain relationship with the physical fitness of the parents.

If parents suffer from genetic diseases, they will have an impact on whether they are naturally conceived or artificial insemination or IVF. In addition, the accident that occurs the day after tomorrow will also affect the life of the child. Except for these two factors, whether it is artificial insemination or IVF, it does not affect the child’s life.

IQ problem: Some people think that children after artificial insemination and test tube babies are lower than natural conception children. In fact, this is a wrong idea. Human IQ depends on the acquired environment, such as parents’ education and school education.

Of course, artificial insemination and IVF babies are even better than natural conception in some cases. When choosing sperm, you can choose better quality, especially IVF. Generally, multiple sperm and eggs are selected to form multiple fertilized eggs. Select the best one or more for conception.

In other words, to some extent, artificial insemination and IVF babies have a slight advantage in the quality of fertilized eggs, but this does not mean that IQ will be greatly affected.

Birth defects: The most concerned is artificial insemination children and IVF, whether the birth defect will be higher than the child who is pregnant.

In fact, this requires comparison from two aspects. On the one hand, the risk of artificial insemination and IVF will be lower than that of children who are naturally conceived, mainly because artificial insemination and IVF babies can screen sperm, especially IVF. You can also screen the eggs, which cannot be controlled by natural conception.

However, on the other hand, most of the objects of artificial insemination and IVF babies have poor congenital conditions or age, and the probability of conception is low. These factors will affect the development of the embryo and the development of the fetus.

The United States has done research on the incidence of test tube babies, artificial insemination, and children who naturally conceive in birth defects. The results show that the defect rates of the three are 6.2%, 5.0%, and 4.4%, respectively.

Parents’ infertility: Whether it is artificial insemination or IVF, most people choose because they are infertile or a low probability of natural pregnancy, but this phenomenon will not be inherited to the next generation.

However, despite the continuous improvement of medicine, whether it is artificial insemination or IVF, or naturally conceive, it is impossible to ensure the absolute health of the newborn. In the same way, parents’ infertility is because of physical problems, and these diseases are a bit genetic, and children born in any way cannot guarantee absolute health.

However, it is certain that the development of artificial insemination and test tube babies so far, there are not many differences between the children born with children who are naturally conceived, that is, the birth of each child is the hope of a family.The flowers of the motherland.Whether it is a natural conception, an artificial insemination or an IVF, it is just a choice.The most important thing is to welcome a new life in the way you can accept.

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