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Which foods are the most beneficial to the health of the elderly

Some people say that the old man is old, the immunity is low, and the health problem is normal. However, you know that if the elderly do a good job of diet, do fitness exercises, and mental health … The body is difficult to think of health. The people think that the health of the elderly is of course, and of course, the food is mainly diet. So which foods are the most beneficial to the health of the elderly?

1. Chicken. Chicken is the healthiest meat food. It is rich in protein and can prevent bone atrophy. Chicken is also rich in selenium and vitamin B, which can prevent cancer, enhance human energy and help enhance the ability of the brain.

2. Banana. Bananas are rich in potassium, and potassium is a strong guarantee for human muscles (especially myocardium). Banana is also the main source of cellulose. It can not only prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, but also neutralize excessive acid substances in the body, and can help treat stomach pain.

3. Eggs. Many people don’t have a good opinion of eggs, but eggs are good sources of human protein and lutein, which can prevent our eyes from suffering from cataracts. Scientists have found that eating more eggs can also prevent the formation of thrombosis, which greatly reduces the risk of infarction and stroke. According to the recent research data, eating 6 eggs a week can reduce the chance of breast cancer by 44%.

4. Brown rice. Many people think that eating sugar will gain weight and avoid eating high sugar -containing food. However, experts believe that sugar is very beneficial to maintaining human energy, and it is recommended that people pay attention to eating foods containing a large amount of fiber with brown rice and grains. Nutritionists say that these foods are beneficial to reduce the level of cholesterol and reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease, rectal cancer, gallstones, diabetes and obesity.

5. Spinach. The nutritional content of spinach is much higher than other foods. Spinach is rich in iron, vitamin C, vitamin A and various antioxidants, which is conducive to preventing infarction and stroke. In addition, spinach can prevent rectal cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis.

6. Salmon. Meat salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce the cholesterol content in the body and prevent a variety of cancers and thrombosis. Studies have shown that it can also reduce depression and prevent amnesia. The nicotinic acid it contains can also prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

7, herbal medicine. With age, people’s taste will become dull. In order to make food more taste, people continue to increase the amount of salt in food. But too much salt will increase blood pressure. The solution to this problem is to add some herbs and spices to food. People can prepare more dried herbs in their own kitchen.

8. Garlic. Garlic can prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease and reduce the chance of stroke. In addition, garlic can also relieve pain and swelling, and it is also a good helper for patients with diabetes.

9. Black fruit. The more orange fruits, the less calorie, can be eaten in large quantities. It also contains a large amount of antioxidant, which can prevent cataracts, glaucoma, vein dilation, hemorrhoids, gastric ulcers, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Black Fruit Yue Orange can also help reduce the chance of damage to the brain after stroke and alleviate the inflammation of the digestive tract, which is conducive to preventing gastric dysfunction.

10. Milk. With age, the human body’s demand for calcium is also growing, so it is very important to eat foods rich in calcium every day. Discard milk may become the best choice in this regard, because skimmed milk is rich in calcium, often drinking milk can not only meet the needs of human bones for calcium, but also prevent osteoporosis.

Therefore, experts suggested that people should drink 2 cups of skimmed milk or dehydrated yogurt or other foods rich in calcium.

(Intern editor: Lin Fei)

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