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Which groups of veins do you need to do surgery?How to maintain without surgery

56 -year -old Aunt Ge has been at home to help his daughter and housework since retiring. He often needs to stand. Whenever she stands for a long time, her calf will feel numb and sore. When she sleeps at night, she always feels tired. No matter where she puts it, she feels uncomfortable and she often draws the scriptures.

However, after Aunt Ge went to the hospital for examination, he did not find anything wrong. What is going on? In fact, this situation of Aunt Ge is likely to be caused by the leg veins in the legs!

Which groups of veins do you need to do surgery?How to maintain without surgery

1. What are the high -risk groups of varicose veins?

The so -called venous curvature refers to changes in bending and swelling of the surface venous system of the lower limbs. The following types of people are more likely to suffer from varicose veins:

Live people need to work for a long time

For example, teachers, Miss Etiquette, and salesperson, etc. engaged in people who need to stand for a long time, under the influence of gravity, venous petals need to withstand large blood pressure, which will cause venous valve function to be damaged for a long time, causing the blood to be unable to normal. Back to the ground, which causes varicose veins.

Call venous injury

If the superficial vein wall and venous wall flap are injured, the function of the valve and the elasticity of the tube wall may be affected after healing, and the venous curvature is more prone to occur at the same time.

Pregnant woman

During pregnancy, due to changes in the hormones in the body, the blood volume will increase by more than 20%, and a large amount of blood flow will quickly gather in the pelvic cavity, causing blood flow to the lower limbs. With the increase in weight during pregnancy, the increased uterus and fetus will compress the veins and iliac veins of the pelvic cavity, causing the vein pressure of the legs to increase, which will cause the blood reflux of the blood to be unsatisfactory, causing lower limbic diseases such as venous tension.

Old people and those with congenital venous walls weak

With the age of age, the venous valve function of the elderly will gradually decline, resulting in blood from the lower limbs from returning normally. The congenital venous wall is weak, due to the lack of elasticity of intravenous veins and easy to relax. When the intravenous vein increases, the lumen will expand, causing the intravenous locking of the vein If the pressure is increased, the vein will be expanded first, and then extend, bend and forms the vein nodules.

Which groups of veins do you need to do surgery?How to maintain without surgery

Deep vein thrombosis patients

Once deep vein thrombosis is formed, deep vein blood will receive obstruction and return flow, thereby increasing the burden on the superficial vein, making the shallow vein compensated expansion, and it is easy to induce vein tensor.

Patients with pelvic tumors

When there are tumors or swollen lymph nodes in the pelvic cavity, they will compress the iliac vein of the pelvic cavity, increase the venous pressure of the lower limbs, and it will easily cause varicose veins.

2. What changes will happen to the body by varicose veins, what changes will happen to the body

According to the CEAP grading of the American Varicose Forum, the varicose veins can be divided into 7 levels of 0-6. Clinically, doctors often distinguish the veins in which they are in accordance with the symptoms of the patient, so as to judge the severity of the disease.

Level 0: Patients generally do not have obvious symptoms, and they will not find any abnormalities during inspection. Usually they only feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable when resting. After massage or exercise, they can be relieved.

Level 1: Patient’s legs will appear capillaries, can see mesh -like veins like spiders, and the skin of the ankle redness.

Level 2: Patient’s lower limb superficial veins will continue to expand permanently. When standing, you can see blood vessels twisted like earthworms, and the blood vessels are flat and symptoms disappear when lying down.

Some patients may not have obvious discomfort, while the other patients will feel uncomfortable legs. When standing, the legs have obvious soreness and weight. The symptoms will be more obvious when sleeping at night. It’s uncomfortable everywhere.

Which groups of veins do you need to do surgery?How to maintain without surgery

Level 3: A small earthworm -like swelling appears on the leg, and it will be depressed to form a small pit as soon as it is pressed, which occurs mostly in the position of the legs of the legs. At this time, the patient was damaged due to the damage to the venous valve, and the blood could not return to the heart and accumulated in the leg, so the leg edema was caused.

When I go to bed at night, the legs and hearts are on the same horizontal line, which can reduce the flow of blood to a certain extent. However, after standing and walking during the day, the swollen legs will become more serious. This is the so -called “morning light and twilight “Package” phenomenon.

Level 4: The skin color of the patient’s legs will gradually deepen. Medically it is called pigmentation. From the beginning of the brown, it gradually becomes dark, and it will gradually develop from the feet to the neck. For a long time, it will form a shape like a wine bottle.

At this time, the patient’s blood vessels can easily form thrombosis, and then develop thrombosis vein inflammation, and symptoms such as tenderness and skin redness occur. If local thrombosis is not treated in time, scars and mechanization may occur.

In addition, most patients will also have the phenomenon of painful legs, ankles or calfs, and local erythema disease.

Level 5: The patient’s legs will become dark, and ulcers will occur at one -third of the lower part of the interior and calves, but these ulcers can be combined with scabs.

Level 6: The ulcer of the patient’s legs will become larger and difficult to heal, which will form a “old rotten leg”.

In addition, patients with vein can also experience symptoms such as burning sensation, jumping pain, muscle spasm, itching around the leg vein.

Which groups of veins do you need to do surgery?How to maintain without surgery

Third, how to relieve early venous songs?

For early patients with venous songs, the following methods can be used to improve the discomfort caused by varicose veins and alleviate the varicose veins.

Maintain normal weight

Obesity is an important risk factor that leads to varicose veins. Obesity people are not only prone to varicose veins, but also exacerbate the condition. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain weight at a normal level daily, that is, BMI is between 18.5-24, and the calculation formula of BMI is weighing (kg) divided by height (meters).

Multi -active, avoid sedentary or long -standing stand

Usually try to avoid standing or sitting for a long time. When standing for a long time, you should sit down every half an hour to 1 hour and lift your lower limbs for a while. When you sit for a long time, you should stand up and walk around or raise your legs.

Do a squat exercise every day

It is recommended to take about 30 minutes a day to do squat exercises. Squatting exercise can promote blood circulation, fully exercise to muscle, bones and joints, which not only helps prevent and treat lower limb veins, but also enhance physical fitness.

It should be noted that the elderly and patients with chronic diseases should be cautious when they do squat exercises, and the advice of the doctor should be consulting. In addition, you can also prevent and control varicose veins by wearing elastic socks and intravenous active drug treatment.

If varicose veins are caused by pelvic tumors, pregnancy, and calf venous diseases, they need to be targeted treatment and treatment for primary diseases or special circumstances.

Fourth, want to treat varicose veins through surgery, it is best to be before the third level

Which groups of veins do you need to do surgery?How to maintain without surgery

The varicose veins can be cured through surgical surgery, and the best time to surgery is before the third level. At this time, the patient’s varicose veins are more significant, but there are no symptoms such as skin pigmentation, eczema, and hardening. Return to the normal level before.

Although surgery can still be performed after reaching level 4, the effect of surgery will be greatly reduced. After accepted venous song surgery, patients need to move and take anticoagulant drugs to prevent the formation of deep venous thrombosis. At the same time, they must also wear stretch socks to help the calf muscle contraction and prevent recurrence of postoperative recurrence.

In addition, patients also need to take venous activity drugs such as saponidine, citrus flavonoid tablets, etc. after surgery, thereby promoting postoperative recovery.

Varicular veins are a very common leg disease. Patients will feel weak, swelling, and heavy sense of legs in the initial stage. With the development of the disease, varicose veins, darkening skin tone, skin hardened, ulcer and other problems will occur in the legs. In severe cases, it will cause complications such as deep vein embolism and pulmonary embolism.

Therefore, you should try to avoid sedentary or standing for a long time, and do more exercise to maintain healthy weight. Once you find that the legs have venous veins, you must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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Which groups of veins do you need to do surgery?How to maintain without surgery

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