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Which is better for ibuprofen or painful tablets?Listen what to say

“Girls who don’t know ibuprofen must be very happy.” A long time ago, Sister NA suddenly saw such a sentence on the Internet. At first, she didn’t understand it. Until one returned to the aunt, she had no way to get up.I knew cold sweaty before I knew that ibuprofen could take it as an analgesic medicine.However, common painkillers and dysmenorrhea are available, but it is not used as a dysmenorrhea. What is the difference between the two?

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Which is better for ibuprofen or painful tablets?Listen what to say

Burphoven’s purpose

As a nervous system drug that relieves heat -relieving analgesics, Buromafen has the effects of anti -inflammatory and analgesic. Its use of its uses:

Anti -fever: The symptoms of general colds or popular colds can be used to relieve ibuprofen.However, it cannot be used for more than 3 days with ibuprofen. If the symptoms of high fever cannot be improved after taking it, you should take a doctor in time.

A relief dysmenorrhea: For secondary dysmenorrhea caused by the primary dysmenorrhea, or the foreign body in the palace, ibuprofen can be used to relieve it. In addition, ibuprofen can also reduce the amount of menstrual blood loss.

Gout: Because ibuprofen has the effect of anti -inflammatory and analgesics, it is often used for gout relief.

Meloary arthritis: When acute or chronic rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other arthritis attacks, taking ibuprofen can achieve a certain relief effect.

It can be seen that ibuprofen has the use of analgesia and pain relief. So, what is the same as it is different from the painful tablet?

The use of pain tablets

Decoction tablets are compound preparations, which contain caffeine, aminobilin, non -Nasidin and other ingredients. Among them, caffeine can excite the cerebral cortex, shrink the cerebral blood vessels, thereby strengthening the effect of relieving pain.Ding can inhibit the release and synthesis of prostaglandin, and play a role in fever and analgesic.

However, the side effects of long -term use of pain tablets are relatively obvious, which will cause damage to the kidneys. In severe cases, kidney can cause uremia, kidney cancer and other diseases.In addition, because the aminobilin in the pain tablets, under the action of gastric acid, has the effect of food with food, it may form a nitrosamine and other substances, which has potential carcinogenicity.

Which is better for ibuprofen or painful tablets?Listen what to say

In contrast, ibuprofen’s performance is more “good”. Therefore, the scope of use is relatively wide and the safety is higher than the painful tablets. Patients are more inclined to choose ibuprofen for analgesic and fever.

In other words, the same point of the painful tablets and ibuprofen can be analgesic and antipyretic. Among them, the effect of ibuprofen analgesic is stronger than the pain.The difference is that the former is a compound preparation, and the latter is a single non -inflammatory anti -inflammatory drug. If the pain tablets are taken for a long time, it may produce tolerance and addiction.Try to choose ibuprofen.It should be noted that when taking ibuprofen, you should also follow the doctor’s advice to avoid adverse reactions such as rash.

Ibuprofen has obvious effects in analgesic, but it must not be taken too much, otherwise it may cause serious consequences.

If you are not too much to take ibuprofen, you may be killed seriously

American researchers have found that taking non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen will have very serious side effects on the human body, and even cause internal bleeding and cause death.

David Kafman at the University of Boston said that if patients do not take non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen in the case of a doctor’s order, it is easy to take too much. ThereforeBuy, therefore, such drugs are also commonly used in the world.However, once it is taken too much, it is likely to induce the occurrence of digestive tract. At the same time, it will have a certain impact on the heart, resulting in heart disease, and severe cases may cause death.

Which is better for ibuprofen or painful tablets?Listen what to say

Therefore, although it is easy to buy ibuprofen with good analgesic effects, after taking the recommended dose, the pain cannot be effectively relieved, and you should seek a doctor for professional guidance instead of increasing the dose by yourself.

In addition, if there are the following situations, ibuprofen cannot be taken.

Do not make mistakes in hazardous areas.

First, if you have heart disease, it is best not to take ibuprofen.”British Medical Magazine” has published an article saying that taking non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs every day for more than a week, the risk of heart disease will increase by 20%to 50%, and the increase in increase risks related to Buromfen will even reach75%.

Secondly, ibuprofen cannot be taken with anticoagulant drugs at the same time, otherwise the risk of bleeding complications will be increased.Because anticoagulants have the effect of preventing thrombosis, patients with stroke or heart disease often take this drug to prevent heart disease again. However, if symptoms take such drugs, do not take ibuprofen for analgesic.

Which is better for ibuprofen or painful tablets?Listen what to say

In addition, people with asthma cannot take ibuprofen, which is also a clear reminder in the Buruffen’s drug manual.The key to ibuprofen anti -inflammatory is that it can inhibit an enzyme to achieve the purpose of inhibiting inflammation.However, this enzyme is an important substance for prostaglandin. Once it is affected, asthma will increase.

In short, the medicine is three -point poison. Although the ibuprofen is “easy to use” than the pain tablets, only the correct use can play an effective purpose. Otherwise, it may be counterproductive and even threatened health.

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