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Which of the male disease examination should be checked

In order to comprehensively understand the condition and analyze the cause, the doctor will ask the patient in detail the medical history in order to provide reliable clues for the diagnosis.

The content of the medical history is:

(1) General situation, that is, occupations, hobbies, working environment, etc.;

(2) Past history: what kind of disease has been suffering from the past;

(3) History of marriage and sexual life;

(4) Family history: Whether there is a genetic disease.

The main symptoms ofrology are mostly manifested in pain, mass, and sexual function changes. When you are asked, you must clearly clear the nature, degree, time of time, local pain, or radioactive pain; when there is a mass, you must point out the specific parts of the mass; Therefore, the condition should be introduced clearly.

After asking the medical history, you can perform physical examination. In physical examination, doctors will perform physical examinations based on the clues held in the medical history. The physical examination ofrology includes systemic examination and examination of reproductive organs. Specifications such as heart, lung, liver, spleen, kidney abnormalities, etc., especially cannot ignore the height, weight, development nutrition status, hair pubic hair distribution, etc., or whether there are innate abnormalities in endocrine and genetic aspects. The examination method is the same as the physical examination of the general disease.

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The examination of reproductive organs occupies an important position in the physical examination ofrology. The inspection content includes the examination of the penis, urethra, testicles, epididymia, sperm cable, and prostate organs. The examination of male reproductive organs is based on expectations and palpation. The diagnosis is the doctor’s vision to observe the patient’s body or local manifestation. You can use other means to check whether the penis is severe phimosis, the size of the penis, whether there is hard constraints, inflammation, tumor, abnormal development, etc.; there is no dysfunction in the scrotum; the urethra is difficult to urine, fistula, lower cracks, hardships and narrowing, urethral mouth Whether there is a secretion.

In addition to the above diagnosis and examination, some need to be checked by a chestnut. Dalvation is a way to diagnose the doctor’s sensation. For example, the prostate examination can be checked through anal diagnosis, whether it is in size, hypertrophy, hardships, pupils, etc., and can also be collected by massage prostate solution to send laboratory examinations. The testicular examination includes the size, hardness, hardness, tenderness, sheath effusion, and mass of the testicles. The inspection of the sperm includes the hardness of the vollar tubes, whether it has hard constraints, tenderness, and whether there is an intravenous vein.

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