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Which of the painful slices and ibuprofen, which side effects on the human body are greater?Don’t eat it again next time

The aunt who was once a month “patronized”, and Xiaoyun suffered from pain and died.If you can’t stand it anymore, Xiaoyun will go to the pharmacy to buy ibuprofen.After taking ibuprofen, the symptoms of dysmenorrhea will be relieved.

However, over time, Xiaoyun found that he seemed to be inseparable from ibuprofen. Even if the dysmenorrhea was not very serious, he would think about eating ibuprofen.Xiaoyun thought: I am not addicted to medicine, right?

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Both the pain and ibuprofen can relieve pain. Which is better?

Speaking of analgesic, in addition to ibuprofen, there are also painful slices.Both ibuprofen and paint tablets can be used to relieve mild and moderate pain. The main difference is:

1. ingredients

Decoction is a compound agent, which contains aminobilin, non -Nasin, caffeine, phenobarbich and other ingredients.Ibuprofen is a propionic acid derivative, a single non -sterite anti -inflammatory drug.

Which of the painful slices and ibuprofen, which side effects on the human body are greater?Don't eat it again next time

2. Pain -relieving effect

Dempering tablets are mainly used for short -term treatment of acute pain such as headache, migraine, muscle pain, joint pain, and dysmenorrhea during acute high fever.Ibuprofen has a good analgesic effect on sinus headache, muscle pain, ear pain, and toothache -related sinus, muscle pain, ear pain, and toothache.

3. side effects

Demodic tablets can cause severe adverse reactions such as gastrointestinal bleeding, allergic shock, acute kidney injury, and regenerative disorder anemia. Long -term use will also produce addiction and drug resistance.Ibuprofen can cause rash, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc., with small side effects.

In comparison, although the effect of removing painful tablets is significant, the price is low, but the side effects are large, and there are great hidden safety hazards.At present, many countries in the world have disabled ghosts.Therefore, on the sake of safety, it is recommended to use ibuprofen priority.

Although ibuprofen has good analgesic effect, it is best for 5 people to avoid

However, I have to mention that although ibuprofen’s adverse reactions are relatively small, it is not without.Clinically, the common adverse reactions of ibuprofen are: gastrointestinal discomfort, and specifically manifested as stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, etc., the symptoms are mild, and it quickly disappears after stopping the drug.

Liver function is abnormal, which is specifically manifested as elevated transaminase and a minor response to hepatic toxicity; reduced white blood cells, decreased particle cells, lack of thrombocytopenia, and reduced blood cells; dizziness, dizziness, headache, tinnitus; short -term urticaria, purpura or erythema propertiesChange, itching of the skin; lower limb edema, acute renal insufficiency.

Which of the painful slices and ibuprofen, which side effects on the human body are greater?Don't eat it again next time

Therefore, the following groups should be used with caution or disable ibuprofen:

1. Patients with heart disease

Studies have found that ibuprofen can lead to increased risk of heart disease or stroke in patients with heart disease.A Canadian study shows that taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen daily for 7 days or more, the risk of heart disease will increase by 20%-50%, of which 75%increases the risk of taking is to take the risk..

2. Patients with gastrointestinal disease

Non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen can stimulate the internal blood vessels of the gastrointestinal and intestines, reduce the blood flow of the gastrointestinal and intestines, and weaken the repair ability.It will aggravate the condition.

3. Pregnant women

A British study found that taking ibuprofen may increase the risk of miscarriage, and it is also unfavorable to the development of the fetus, which may cause fetal heart defects.In addition, during childbirth, if pain occurs, pregnant women should not eat ibuprofen, otherwise they will cause severe bleeding and endanger life.

4. Patients with artales

Although ibuprofen can relieve the pain caused by arthritis, at the same time, it can also adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system, which may increase the risk of hypertension. Therefore, for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, do not rely too much onIbuprofen should further reduce joint injury under the guidance of a doctor.

5. Patients with asthma

The role of ibuprofen to inhibit inflammation is to inhibit the production of an enzyme, but at the same time, it will also reduce the production of prostaglandin, aggravate asthma, and may occur in bronchial spasm.

Which of the painful slices and ibuprofen, which side effects on the human body are greater?Don't eat it again next time

Ibuprofen is not a universal medicine, but the medication is accidentally dangerous

Not only are the special groups suitable for ibuprofen, but in daily life, even ordinary people, do not easily use ibuprofen in the following situations, otherwise it may cause big trouble.

The first is when high -risk invasion infections and chickenpox virus infections cause fever, so try to avoid the use of ibuprofen to avoid risk of infection.

The second is that after drinking, alcohol and ibuprofen will cause a certain stimulation of the stomach. At the same time, the two act on the stomach, which will cause double stimulation and increase the risk of gastric ulcer and liver injury.

The third is to prepare for hard exercise. Some athletes will take ibuprofen to relieve the pain caused by exercise damage. However, the study found that high -intensity exercise will always attract blood to muscles and increase the burden on the kidneys for a long time, which will cause acute kidney injury.

Fourth, when the fever occurs, the symptoms of dehydration, ibuprofen’s antipyretic effect is very good. During the process of antipyretics, it will cause a lot of sweat in the human body. If there is already a signs of dehydration, and then use ibuprofenLive in life.

In addition, it should be noted that ibuprofen cannot be used with ketoprofen, otherwise it will increase the concentration of blood, cause severe gastrointestinal adverse reactions, and even cause bleeding risk.

Ibuprofen also does not recommend alternating with acetaminophenol. Although it can enhance the antipyretic effect, it is easy to lead to excessive drugs and increase adverse reactions.

Which of the painful slices and ibuprofen, which side effects on the human body are greater?Don't eat it again next time

It is worth mentioning that when ibuprofen is an antipyretic medicine, it is suitable for children and adults of more than 6 months, and it is limited to short -term use. Continuous use should not exceed 3 days.When taking it, you must strictly follow the safe dose stipulated in the instructions, and avoid taking it in large amount.Taking children as an example, the daily amount is 5-10㎎ per kilogram of weight, every 6 hours, and takes at most 4 times a day.

How should I use ibuprofen, do you know?In fact, whether it is ibuprofen or other drugs, it must be used in accordance with regulations. Do not use it or take it randomly to avoid causing the risk of safety.

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