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Which part of the newborn jaundice is exposed to

Newborn jaundice generally needs to sun, back, and limbs.

When neonatal jaundice requires sunlight irradiation, it is generally recommended to choose the hip, back, and limbs better, and the side effects are relatively small.The hips, backs, and limbs occupy a large surface area. On the other hand, these parts can avoid yin, faces, and eyes, avoid burn of these parts, and decline in vision.Select the sun before 10 am or after 4 pm to avoid excessive sunlight and cause skin damage.If necessary, it can also be illuminated under the window glass, which can play a better protective role.If the light includes both the face and the perineal, then the protection here should be strengthened, such as wearing eye masks and diapers.

It is recommended to pay attention to fed more and drink plenty of water to help neonatal jaundice quickly discharge.

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