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Which vitamin do you lack?You can know immediately when you look at your face!

Nutrition is an important condition for maintaining human health. If it is lacking or insufficient, the body will also have obvious symptoms to warn you. Face pale usually represents the lack of vitamin B12, eye edema represents iodine deficiency, gum bleeding represents lack of vitamin C. These are common nutritional lack of signs.

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1. Signs of facial signs of women’s nutritional lack

1. Face is pale and dim

Lack of vitamin B12 often makes his face pale. If your face becomes pale every day, check your tongue, if it is smooth, you will definitely lack this nutrient. Other symptoms include fatigue and loss of memory.

2. Eyes are swollen

The swollen legs and edema eyes are symptoms of iodine lack of iodine in the body. Other symptoms include weight gain, nail brittleness and dry skin. At this time, you should add the intake of salt, seaweed, and sea vegetables to supplement iodine.

3. Gingival pain and bleeding

In the absence of vitamin C, your gums may become sensitive, painful and bleeding. Because vitamin C is very important for overall health, lack of diseases and health problems, such as muscle soreness, and even scurvy.

4. Hair problems

If your hair does not seem to have life, dryness, fragility, and dandruff, it means that your body lacks vitamin B7. This is usually the result of a large amount of antibiotics, which will destroy the bacteria of synthetic biomin in the intestine.

5. Lips are pale

If your gums and lips are pale, your body may be low. In order to increase the level of body iron, you should eat foods such as red meat, fish and spinach.

2. How do women avoid nutritional deficiency?

1. Be sure to balance the diet

Most nutrients can be obtained and absorbed from food. Therefore, as long as you adhere to the concept of a balanced diet, you can obtain most of the nutrients and avoid health problems caused by nutritional deficiency.

2. Eat comprehensive supplements

If you can’t take care of your diet, you can also take comprehensive vitamins, iron, calcium tablets and other supplements to help yourself supplement nutrition. However, it is best to consult a doctor before taking it to understand the dose you should take.

3. Regular health check

Health inspections can detect most of the health problems, which can help you understand which nutrients you lack. You can arrange a health check every year to understand your physical condition.

4. You can consult a doctor

If you do n’t know how to avoid nutritional deficiency or worry about the incompleteness you do, you can also consult a doctor and ask your doctor to tell you what to do.

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