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White -collar workers should be added with eye pressure testing

Espiration of eye fatigue and intraocular pressure

Clast -ups are eye diseases that are permanently destroyed by the optic nerve due to the normal values ​​of the intraocular pressure, which causes the optic nerve. “Clast -ling eye is not like cataracts. Once the vision is damaged, it cannot be recovered. This is the most worrying issue.” Director Zhong said that briefly, glaucoma can be divided into two types: acute and chronic. Chronic is mostly middle -aged and elderly.

If you have acute glaucoma, the symptoms will be obvious. Most of the eyes pain, eye bloating, and vision will decrease sharply. When the eye pressure rises to 50-60mmHg (12-21mmHg) Essence At this time, the patient will seek medical treatment in time. However, chronic glaucoma is not so easy to find. Director Zhong said that the intraocular pressure of patients with chronic glaucoma gradually increased, and there were basically no symptoms in the initial stage. Only at the end of the period, the vision was reduced and the vision was reduced. Sometimes it was blind, and the patient did not understand what caused it.

“In recent years, there have been many people who have used computers for a long time in outpatient clinics, and glaucoma have been suffered at the age of 20 to 30.” Experts speculated that this may be related to long -term over -the -time eye. Spasm leads to increased intraocular pressure and induced glaucoma. “

Add 30 yuan for medical examinations, measure eye pressure

The most terrible part of glaucoma is its hiddenness and irreversibleness. Zhong Jingxiang pointed out: “Even in developed countries, 50 % of patients still do not know that they have glaucoma. In developing countries, it is estimated that as high as 90 %. Most of these patients will come to the doctor until they can’t see it.”

Anyone may suffer from glaucoma, and glaucoma depends on the intraocular pressure level that the optic nerve can withstand. This number varies from person to person. Normal intraocular pressure is generally 12-21mmHg. Even if the intraocular pressure is maintained at this range, it may still suffer from glaucoma. Therefore, it is very important to accept formal eye examination.

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Early diagnosis of chronic glaucoma is difficult, because from the appearance, the eyes are the same as normal eyes. There is neither red nor pain. Sometimes when the intraocular pressure is not high, there is no feeling at all. Therefore, in the clinic, most of the missed diagnosis is chronic glaucoma.

How can I find glaucoma early? Director Zhong said that it is actually very simple. You only need to add more items in the medical examination, measure the eye pressure, and spend 30 yuan to find eye disease early. If there are high -risk groups such as glaucoma family history and high -pressure eye, you can also do further glaucoma screening through conventional crack lamps, bottom mirror inspection and vision inspection.

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