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Who do you love the cute bottle?

The most grabbing bottle is the first bottle with a wooden plug with such a little aura and cuteness. It confirms the traces of history and contains the origin of a culture.Even if there is no love, you can’t help but want to collect them.

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More than 100 years ago, Coca -Cola was born in Atlanta, USA.In 1886, at first it was a pharmacist named John Perton for new syrup, and he selected several special ingredients to mix and heat.The results of the simple distribution process made a little taste of medicine.So, he brought this syrup to the Pharmacy of Jacob, then added the syrup to water, and began to sell five cents “Cola ancestors”.

History is often accidental.It is said that by chance, the pharmacy guy accidentally exchanged the syrup to soda and added a few pieces of ice to the guests. As a result, the guests praised.Come.Pengberon has an accountant named Frank Robinson. He gave this new drink a loud name “Coca -Cola” and designed and written the world -famous world -famous trademark.Coca -Cola quickly became a fashion drink of Atlanta, and the business became better and better.

The first year of Coca -Cola sold 9 cups per day, and P Pembaton failed to foresee that he inadvertently invented in the future with a huge development.

In 1888, he sold Coca -Cola secret recipes to a businessman named Assasson Kanshadra, (AH, OK), and Kanside quickly established a company to produce and operate Coca -Cola.Kanside is a marketing genius. He uses all kinds of novel methods to promote products, and even brushes the barrels of Coca -Cola syrup into a striking red.More and more people have discovered this new Yi Shen’s free drink, and Coca -Cola has begun to spread all over the United States.

Go home and enjoy.”

Mr. Kanside felt that this was not a particularly attractive idea, so he sold the bottle power of “Coca -Cola” to these two people at a price of one dollar.But it is important that Kansla did not sell his secret formula.He only agreed to sell the syrup to Thomas and Huaheide, and they mixed the syrup to the Soviet water, so the bottle production of Coca -Cola started.

Later, as the awareness of the trademark was strengthened, it was necessary to distinguish from those imitation of counterfeit goods.In this way, in 1916, they designed a unique Coca -Cola arc bottle. In this way, people can easily distinguish the authenticity, and the unique shape of the new bottle is also famous for its presence.

(Intern editor: Zhang Man)

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