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Who is serious about breast cancer Sanyang and Sanyin

Who is serious about breast cancer Sanyang and Sanyin who generally needs to be judged according to the patient’s condition.

1. Early breast cancer

The tumors of early patients with breast cancer are generally relatively small, and lymphatic metastasis, distant metastases have not yet been occurred. At this time, after treatment, Sanyin patients are generally not easy to relapse, and those with Sanyang patients are prone to recurrence. ThereforeSanyin is more serious.

2. Medium -term breast cancer

Patients with medium -term breast cancer are relatively large, and lymphatic metastasis and pleural infiltration may have occurred, but there are generally no distant metastasis.Because patients with Sanyang can be treated through endocrine therapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, etc., patients with Sanyin can only perform chemotherapy, so patients with Sanyin breast cancer are more serious than Sanyang.

3. Late breast cancer

Patients with advanced breast cancer are generally greater than 5 cm, and there have been distant metastasis. At this time, patients with breast cancer in Sanyin and Sanyang have more serious. Generally, chemotherapy can only be treated, the treatment methods are single, and the prognosis is poor.

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