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Who who does not get sick and often get sick for a long time, whose immunity is stronger?The answer is a bit “subverted”

When you talk to the old people, you will always hear some interesting words, such as the impression of NA sister: “Some people, usually not getting sick, but a serious illness, but some people usually have a small problem. , I didn’t see any serious illness he had … “

If you think about it, it seems that that’s the case. Some people even say that people who do not get sick for a long time are actually not so good. What is the fact?

Why are young people who are sick now?

From the perspective of pathological physiology, disease is a state of abnormal life corresponding to health. The cause of life is multi -faceted and complex. From the perspective of the cause, the cause of the disease can be divided into two categories: endogenous and exogenous.

Among them, the exogenous also includes biological factors, environmental ecological factors, physical and chemical factors, social psychological factors and nutritional factors; endogenous includes congenital factors, genetic factors, and immune factors.

Sickness is a common phenomenon, but we will also find that some people in life often get sick, but some people rarely get sick. Some people think that people who often get sick are not easy to get sick. Is this kind of saying that it makes sense? Intersection

“Little illness is constantly, do you not come to the disease?” Does it make sense?

First of all, compared to people who do not get sick, people with constant minor illnesses will pay more attention to their health problems, it is easy to notice the slight changes in the body, and pay more attention to daily physical maintenance.

Secondly, people who often have minor illnesses often go to the hospital and receive various examinations. In addition, they have more communication with doctors. It is easy to find diseases early, so that they can be treated in time to reduce the occurrence of major illnesses.

In the end, people who are less sick usually go to the hospital. They often feel that their physical fitness is very good. It does not need to be checked. It is easy to ignore the mild discomfort of the body. Often, it is very serious to go to the hospital. Take the opportunity.

Is it better not to get sick all year round? In terms of immunity, human immunity needs to rely on various antigen stimulation inside and outside the human body to stimulate the body’s immune system.

These antigens include various pathogenic microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria composition and metabolites. If they lack their stimuli, the human body cannot get specific immunity.

Therefore, when a small amount of viruses and bacteria repeatedly stimulate the human body, the immune system can produce corresponding allergenic lymphocytes and specific antibodies in targeted real estate. When a large number of viruses and bacteria are encountered, they can quickly enter the battle. To targeted defense. Therefore, people who often get sick are equivalent to “vaccination” to the human body.

In addition, people who do not get sick for a long time usually have some commonality, such as quit smoking and alcohol, tobacco and alcohol will cause damage to the human body’s immunity. Big smoking and drinking can balance the human body’s resistance and immunity and reduce the chance of sickness.

Reasonable diet can allow the body to obtain a balanced nutrients and help the health of the body; focusing on physical exercise can help us enhance immunity and resistance, and can also promote the body’s blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and help reduce the disease.

Therefore, whether it is not sick or often, there are advantages and disadvantages, it is also a good thing for people to not get sick for a long time, and it is not necessary to worry too much.

Many people are worried that they are always not sick and whether there is a serious illness waiting for themselves. In fact, this is completely self -disturbed by mediocre people. Any major illness has a precursor, and it will not appear because of not being sick for a long time.

From the perspective of pathology, various diseases will be affected by some factors during the development process. The first is the internal stability imbalance. The internal stability balance of the body is a prerequisite for maintaining health and normal life activities.

The second is damage and damage. These two forces usually affect the return and development direction of the disease. Finally, during the development of the disease, the original cause can easily cause new consequences. Local lesions may affect the whole, and the system functional state of the body also easily affects the occurrence and development of local lesions.

Whether you are often sick or not for a long time, it is also necessary for medical examinations

In order to avoid the occurrence of major illnesses, whether it is often sick or not sick for a long time, regular medical examinations are very important. Because the symptoms of many types of diseases are not obvious during the early development, or some diseases are more hidden, patients cannot detect them in time, and they need to pass relevant examinations to judge the health status.

Therefore, the medical examination is very important. The medical examination can find certain lesions. It can be improved through early active treatment, so as to avoid the development of small diseases into a serious disease, and to achieve the purpose of preventing diseases.

In order to prevent the occurrence of severe diseases, it is also necessary to actively improve immunity. Because immunity is a barrier of the human body, good immune function can be well combined with the invasion of the pathogenia, and the body can maintain a healthy state by enhancing immunity. Usually, you can improve immunity by adhering to exercise, balanced diet, and reasonable work and rest.

There are always reasons for major diseases. The most important thing is that we must discover the hidden dangers of the body as soon as possible, actively treat, and do a good job of prevention.

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