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Why am I fat?Nine major causes of obesity summarized by American experts

Obesity will not only affect our appearance, but also affect our health. The obese people are the same, but the causes of obesity are different. Below is the cause of obesity caused by the study summary of many Nutritionists in the United States. Take a look at a few of you.

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1. hormone


Due to the influence of the food chain, there may be residual hormones in food into the human body, which can affect endocrine balance and make fat more likely to accumulate in the human body.

2. Insufficient sleep

Due to the acceleration of the pace of life, people are constantly busy dealing with various problems that need to be solved urgently. Over time, the sleep time is slowly deprived of it. Long -term lack of sleep can affect the eating cycle of the human biological clock, and it will also reduce the content of a Leptin protein in the blood. This protein has the effect of inhibiting appetite, and also affects the brain’s judgment of whether the body is enough. When people fall asleep, even if they are hungry, they will not get up immediately to eat. But when staying up late, the stomach was easier to feel hungry, and he ate excess calories unknowingly.

3. Elderly fertility

As the age of fertility is delayed, the children born with an elderly mother are generally heavier.

4. Smoking


Fewer and fewer smokers around them can make people fatter. The smell of smoke has the effect of suppressing appetite whether the smokers themselves or the passive smokers.

5. Medical side effects

The side effects of many drugs also make people fatter.

6. Genetic relationship

From the perspective of social aesthetic orientation, fat people are more likely to find similar spouses to form a family. Children in fat are also more likely to become fat people. There are already a lot of fat people, and the descendants of fat people have grown in the form of geometric levels.

7. Air conditioning


When people enjoy the air conditioner, the calories in their bodies consume less.

8. Structure change in social population

The number of people who start to make blessings in middle age occupy a larger and larger proportion of population.

9. Self -conscious choice

According to the theory of the survival of Darwin, fat people are easier to survive than thin people. Long -term evolution accumulation can make fat people have an advantage in the group.

Some of these claims sound a little incredible, but in the end, it is also the result of the study after research. Of course, this is only the most influential influence on weight is the calories and the calories consumed. In other words, diet and exercise are still key.

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