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Why are more and more children suffer from leukemia?2 “Roots” are difficult to get off, please avoid early

Spring is the season of hope, but for many children with leukemia, it is the time for life and death with the disease.

1. The story of children with leukemia

01 Fighting for 5 years, unfortunately “defeated”

In 2013, Xiaopeng, who was just one year old, often repeatedly fever, and was often high. While fever, Xiaopeng’s skin grew red spots, and later I realized that it was the subcutaneous bleeding point.

After examination, Xiaopeng was diagnosed with leukemia. Before he learned to speak, he would start to confront the tumor.

In the five years of treatment, Xiaopeng experienced 30 waist -through, 20 bones and 40 chemotherapy. In addition, his diet was also strictly controlled. He never dared to eat things outside, and did not eat any snacks, because he had to prevent bacterial infections.

It was not until Xiaopeng was 6 years old that he was able to transplant bone marrow. However, Xiaopeng still failed to defeat the disease, and died three months after the bone marrow transplantation.

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02 The recurrence of leukemia, the younger brother went south to “save brother”

Children with leukemia are eight or six years old and have undergone stem cell transplantation. Unfortunately, five years after receiving hematopoietic stem cells from his father, he was detected in a routine examination in a conventional examination in the second grade, and the condition was even more critical.

Because both parents are no longer suitable for providing stem cells, the younger brother “Little Mushroom” stood up bravely, from northeast to Shenzhen to carry out stem cell transplantation for his brother. Because the “little mushroom” is only three years old, the doctor changed the peripheral blood stem cells.

Six Six and “Little Mushroom” | Picture source network

For six six, the transplantation process is quite thrilling. He has to go through the links of inducing treatment, injection of stem cells, empty bone marrow, transplantation, and exclusion.

Especially after the transplantation, the infectious shock occurred in the six six, accompanied by acute symptoms such as high fever, cold war, hypotension, and abdominal cavity infection, and the life was hanging. Fortunately, the doctor’s condition was finally controlled under the combined treatment of a variety of antibiotics.

2. Why are more and more children suffer from leukemia?

Leukemia is a malignant tumor of human blood system, also known as blood cancer. It is mainly divided into acute lymphocyte leukemia, acute myeloblast leukemia, and acute early early elastic cell leukemia.

Leukemia is a malignant tumor for children’s high incidence. More than 30,000 children in my country are diagnosed with leukemia each year. Chen Jing, director of the Department of Hematology of the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, said that the new leukemia of leukemia under 14 years of age in my country is 42.9/million, of which acute lymphocyte leukemia accounts for 70%of all children.

At present, the cause of leukemia is not clear, but the main influencing factors are the following two.

First, formaldehyde exceeds the standard. “People’s Daily” once pointed out that the formaldehyde components contained in artificial decoration materials have been released for more than ten years. High -concentration formaldehyde can not only cause a series of symptoms such as headaches and edema. For children with poor immunity, they may also cause abnormal cell division and cause leukemia.

Second, smoking or contacting chemicals during pregnancy. Studies have shown that expectant mothers smoke more than 10 daily during pregnancy, and the risk of children with acute lymphocyte leukemia will increase by 100%. In addition to smoking, women who have been exposed to chemicals for a long time will increase accordingly.

Third, leukemia is no longer illness illness

Under the rendering of many film and television works, leukemia seems to have always been a “disease”. In fact, in today’s development, more than 80%of children’s leukemia can be cured.

Zheng Huzhen, chief physician of the National Children’s Medical Center, said that through the treatment of multi -drug combined chemotherapy, the most common acute lymphocyte leukemia can reach nearly 90%of the cure rate. For some rare, cure type of leukemia, the disease can also be improved through immunotherapy, molecular targeted therapy and other means.

There are many common treatment methods for leukemia. The bone marrow transplantation and stem cell transplantation mentioned in the above cases are not the first choice for treatment. Only patients with high risk need to adopt transplantation. For children with a lighter degree, general treatment of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and other means, in a few cases, radiation therapy is used.

Fourth, be alert to 3 symptoms of leukemia children

Children’s leukemia may not have obvious symptoms in the early stage. If the child has the following suspected signals, parents must pay attention to their vigilance and take the child for medical treatment early.

1. Anemia. Anemia is one of the most common early symptoms of children’s leukemia. It is mainly manifested as pale, loss of appetite, fatigue, dizziness, etc., and the symptoms will increase over time.

2. Bleeding. In addition to subcutaneous bleeding, the symptoms of leukemia are mainly mucosal bleeding, including oral cavity, gums, nosebleeds, and so on. Girls after menstruation will also show abnormal menstrual flow.

3. Infection and fever. Fever is also a common early symptom of leukemia. The main reason is that thermal caused by tumor growth and release causes the body temperature to increase. In addition, the function of the immune system of children with leukemia is damaged and is easily infected, and fever will occur after infection.

Leukemia is the head of the incidence of malignant tumors in children. Although the cause is not yet clear, the prevention of leukemia is far greater than the treatment. Pay attention to improving the physical fitness of the child, avoid exposure to toxic and harmful chemicals, and reduce the risk of leukemia.

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