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Why can Song Meiling live to 106 years old?Explain the unique way of health

After 40 years of age, women start to turn black, thickened their throats, increase their waist, and their belly is raised. However, when Song Meiling was in her 60s, she was still in a moderate figure, and she maintained about 50 kg. Her skin is still white, soft and moist, youthful, and shiny. In his 80s, his face is still good, fair and delicate, still with wrinkles, but there is no freckles, and various gynecological diseases have not been obtained, and they live until 106 years old. This is inseparable from her unique way of health.

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Eat less

Song Meiling pays attention to the quality of diet and eats less. Although she prefers to eat some harder foods, it will not affect digestion overall. Each meal is two ravioli and two vegetarian. They must have 5 meals every day. And never greedy. She said with a scale almost every day. As long as she noticed that the weight was slightly heavier, she would immediately change to eat vegetable salad and not eat any food.

Persist in enema every day

Song Meiling has no problem in constipation, but she has to be enema before going to bed every day. Although this method does not have scientific basis, Song Meiling has persisted in the enema for decades, in order to clean the toxins to achieve detoxification. This is a matter of trouble and pain, but she regards it as a pleasant thing. “I feel the intestines once every day, and take a shower again. I feel that I have completed a great metabolic project. Small trouble can be in exchange for the pain to sleep quickly. Why? Isn’t it happy? “Song Meiling fell down like this, and it was dawn overnight.

Persist in massage

Song Meiling always kept ice muscle jade skin, and her skin was as clean as marble. One of the reasons was that she insisted on massaging every day. Two nurses in turn to massage her every day before or before going to bed. Generally, from the eyes, face to chest, abdomen, and lower limbs, toes, and feet. Such a whole body massage can promote blood circulation.

Devout faith

Whenever an acquaintance came to see her and praised her in front of her, she smiled slightly, quoting the Bible, and replied, “The battle I want to fight has been hit. Walk, power, fame, and benefits have become smoke away, forget all of this! “

Reading, calligraphy and painting

Reading books and magazines are Song Meiling’s long -term habit. She will read the major English newspapers in New York every day. Draw Chinese paintings and writing brushes in your free time. Because studying and painting must be spiritual concentrated, miscellaneous thoughts, calmness, calmness, intensiveness, emotional expressions, the blood gas of the whole body, the functions of all parts in the body, the brain’s nervous system is balanced, effectively promoting blood circulation and blood circulation and effectively promoting blood circulation and effectively Metabolism.

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