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Why can’t you sleep when drinking tea

Tea contains a large amount of caffeine, which can play a role in excitement of the brain nerve and affect the quality of sleep, so it will not be able to sleep with tea.

After drinking tea, insomnia may be related to the central excitement ingredients in the tea, such as caffeine, camellia, and cocoa alkali.Tea contains caffeine, tea -alkali, cocoaine, etc. to a certain extent to excite the active ingredients of the central nervous system.Caffeine can stimulate the excitement of the brain, cause the body to show the excessive excitement of the nerve endings, and then appear at night insomnia.Cateyphenol is an exciting neurotransmitter, which can cause abnormal discharge of nerve cells.Therefore, it is difficult for patients to sleep.Camellia is also the excitement of the neuropathy center, which can cause excitement effects, such as shortening the stage of deep sleep.Experiments have proved that these substances can selectively excite the cerebral cortex, strengthen human thinking activities, and rejuvenate people. Among them, caffeine has the strongest role.Everyone has a different degree of sensitivity to it, and some people are difficult to fall asleep after drinking tea.Therefore, it is recommended that these people do not drink tea products before going to bed, or even ban alcohol.Long -term insomnia may progress as insomnia, and the hospital will do further diagnosis and treatment if necessary.After drinking tea, you can’t sleep, you can take moderate amount of exercise, diet, and oral drugs to help sleep.If you don’t have time to sleep, you can exercise in an appropriate amount of outdoor to make your body slightly fatigue, which is conducive to falling asleep.You can also use the method of diet, such as taking warm milk in moderation.Milk contains sedative and hypnotic substances, which can play a role in promoting sleep.You can also eat some sugar -containing foods to keep blood sugar, which is conducive to falling asleep.If necessary, take melatonin, vitamin B6 tablets, soothe brain liquid, and jujube and sacred capsules, which can help fall asleep.

When patients can’t sleep, don’t be too nervous and worry, calm their mentality slowly, and gradually fall asleep.If you are worried that you ca n’t sleep at night, you can take a walk outside after dinner, and then go back to take a hot bath to relax your body and mind, which will fall asleep quickly.At the same time, you can listen to some light music that makes you feel comfortable and put yourself in nature. It can speed up sleep speed and improve sleep quality.

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