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Why did he get less and less hair at a young age?Expert: Note these four high -risk factors

If the hair is the second face of a person, then hair loss and baldness can be called the best interpretation of “years is to kill pig knives”, and this pig killing knife has begun to reach the young 80/90 post -80/90 post -80/90 post -80/90 post It’s right.

Mr. Zhang was 35 years old. He went to financial units after graduating from a master’s degree ten years ago. He worked positively and often worked overtime. He had less than six hours a day. Due to his good performance, he was promoted to department manager three years ago. The work pressure is even greater. Long -term overloaded work, his appearance is older than his peers, and has begun to have hair loss.

“Five years ago, hair loss was discovered. At that time, it was not serious and did not care. It worsened in the past two years. The hair was significantly thinner and less. The forehead hairline moved significantly. In anxiety, hair loss not only affects his image, but he is also worried that hair loss is caused by the internal disease of the body.

So what causes Mr. Zhang’s hair to get less and less? Why do more and more young people enter the hair loss army in advance? Today, 39 Health Network invited Li Zhigen, director of the dermatology department of Jinshan Branch of Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, and asked him to talk about the reasons for young people’s hair loss and response measures.

Hair loss more in these four types of high -risk groups

After a detailed understanding of the medical history and careful examination, Mr. Zhang was initially identified as therogens.

So, what isrogensive hair loss? Director Li Zhigen introduced that this is a kind of hair to reduce sexual diseases.

Under normal circumstances, this disease is mainly manifested in men. The front hairline is moved back or the hair on the top of the head is reduced and refined, also known as male hair loss; in women’s main manifestations, the hair on the top of the head is reduced and changing. Film, a small part is shown in the sparse hair, and the front hair does not move backwards, also known as women’s hair loss.

In fact, hair loss is a common problem. In my country, the prevalence of men is 21.3%, and the prevalence of women is 6%. It can occur at any period of adolescence, more than 20 to 30 years old, which has an important impact on patients’ physiological health and quality of life.

Therefore, the younger generation especially needs to face the high risk factors that cause androgens to cause androgen hair loss:

First, genetic factors. If there are patients withrogens in their parents’ families, children

The chance of a woman’s disease has greatly increased. Domestic epidemiological surveys show that there are 53.3%-63.9%of family genetic history. Patients with a history of genetic family may be earlier. If there are more than 100 roots a day, you will be vigilant. Early discovery and obtaining correct treatment can effectively improve symptoms.

Second, mental factors. The competition in modern society is very fierce, and the work pressure is high. If you want to be promoted, you must pay more efforts. The pressure from the family is not small. Most of the current young and middle -aged people are the only children. There are old -fashioned, small, and long -term mental stress. Under the common pressure of society and family If there is no sufficient blood nourishment, the growth of hair will certainly be affected.

Furthermore, bad living habits. Many men have a bad habit of smoking and drinking for a long time. Smoking and drinking will interfere with the internal environment of the human body, which will cause the function of the human body to decline and cause hair loss. Staying up late is also a bad habit. For a long time, the sleep is insufficient, and the day and night are upside down.

In addition, systemic diseases. Research in recent years has shown that the androgen hair loss has a lot to do with the diseases of many systems, such as multi -ovarian syndrome, ovarian tumor, hyperthyroidism, prostate hyperplasia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, trace trace, trace amounts The decline in copper zinc in the elements is a high -incidence group of hair loss. Liver, kidney disease and severe anemia can also lead to hair loss.

Starting from these four points to prevent hair loss

Right now, can we only watch the baldness above our heads?

The topic of hair loss has attracted more and more attention from the public, and solving this problem has also become an urgent task at the moment.

So, how to prevent androgen hair loss? In this regard, Director Li Zhigen made 4 suggestions:

First, we must ensure good living habits. There is a regular work and daily work and life. You cannot stay up late. There are at least seven hours of sleep time every day. Quit smoking and drinking.

Second, we must grasp the rhythm of work and life, do not put too much pressure on yourself, and avoid being in a state of tension for a long time.

Third, do not perm and dye hair too often, otherwise it will cause changes in hair quality, and even damage the health of the scalp, causing hair loss. Fourth, regular medical examinations are found to be treated with relevant systemic diseases for corresponding treatment.

Fourth, it is important to emphasize that for people with a history of hair loss to find that the number of hair loss has increased significantly, medical treatment should be treated early to prevent further worsening of the disease.

In addition to preventive measures, is there a way to treat this androgen hair loss?

Of course!

Becauserogens and hair loss is a disease that is aggravated, early treatment is particularly necessary. The earlier the treatment, the better the curative effect!

Early use of drugs for treatment, Minnel for external drugs, performed drugs for oral drugs for non -pornamine, and female patients use snails or cyclopypene ketones.

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When drug treatment is not good, hair transplantation can be considered. If these treatments are combined with application, it will achieve more significant results.

What needs to be reminded is that all the treatment plans must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor!(Correspondent: Zhou Xiaolei)

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