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Why do babies like to play ball so much

If your 10 -month -old baby is boring and mood is not good, he is crying, try it, give him a table tennis, let him throw it out, throw it on the wall and then bounce back, and let him throw it out; Seeing him the ball performance, he would definitely be attracted by your game and eventually smiled. Many babies like to play balls. Small babies can play table tennis and small leather balls. The larger babies can play small basketball and small football.

Why do babies like to play ball so much? The ball is an interesting “guy” in the eyes of the baby. You see, as long as the round ball of the round skin gently gives it a little external force, it will roll forward. A gyroscope, the pattern on the ball has a variety of changes, colorful; you can learn to shoot the ball with your hands. If you make your strength, it will jump high. If you use some strength, the ball will jump higher than the baby. Set a few empty plastic beverage bottles to let the baby push the ball out of the direction and see how many of them have been defeated.

There are many ball games. The changes in it are fascinated by the baby. The baby can participate in this game. You can use your own strength to impact the ball and have a role. Essence If you are well -known, your baby will know how he does, what kind of reaction will the ball produce, such as: how much energy should be used to play the ball back, how much effort to make the ball jumps, and the ball will turn the ball to turn around How to work hard, how to target the target in front, etc. In the process, not only exercise the baby’s operation ability, hand -eye cooperation ability, but also requires the baby to move the brain. Benefit.

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Among all kinds of balls, table tennis is the best toy for babies before the age of 1. Table tennis has a small volume and light portion. It is suitable for the baby’s small hand to grasp. When the table tennis is exposed to the ground or hard object, a crisp and regular sound will be made. Throw the ball on the ground once, deliberately creating this sound effect, and he is happy. And even if the baby throws the ball randomly, it will not break things. The sound will not be too loud, it will not affect the neighbors, and it will be safer. You can also exercise the power of your baby’s arm.

After the baby will walk, you can choose a slightly larger small ball to let the baby kick and play. After the ball rolled away, let the baby walk over and pick it up. It can improve the baby’s interest in walking. Tribe.

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