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Why do male doctors are arranged?Tell you the reason

“Fans one: Xiao Jiu, when I heard that the doctor did not wear underwear, really?”



“Fan 2: I’m about to perform surgery, but why are there so many male doctors in gynecology? I heard that patients on the operating table do not wear clothes, will this be embarrassing?”

Surgery is a serious and rigorous thing, but for most people, the operation has been covered with a “secret” veil. Some people say that patients in the operating room will not wear clothes, and doctors will not wear underwear. This will not wear underwear. Is it true or false?

Why do male doctors are arranged?Tell you the reason

1. Why don’t surgeons wear underwear?

Zeng Weigen, the attending physician of the general surgery department of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that some doctors do not wear underwear during surgery, but this is mainly related to personal habits, the department and hospital. The reason why you choose not to wear underwear during surgery is more afraid of wet body during surgery, and it is not easy to handle after surgery.

During surgery, the doctor’s waist is just at the height of the operating table. If the patient has blood soaring, or there is breast water, ascites, etc., these blood and body fluids will wet the doctor’s surgery clothes, including underwear.

The wet underwear during the operation may have risk of infection. For example, if patients have infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, syphilis, or AIDS, the virus may be spread through mucous membranes and skin; on the other hand The cleaning agent and method.

Therefore, if the underwear is wet during the operation, most doctors will throw the underwear. If you lose your underwear for a long time, the expenses are also very large, so the doctor will choose not to wear underwear during surgery.

Why do male doctors are arranged?Tell you the reason

Some people may be curious, why not need waterproof surgery? This is mainly related to cost.

According to the regulations, the cost of surgical clothes during surgery needs to be packed with the operating fee. A surgery includes at least 5 surgery clothes including doctors and nurse. The cost of clothing is 250 yuan, which is much higher than the cost of ordinary operations (such as the pricing of appendix is ​​about 560 yuan).

In addition to surgery, disposable consumables (such as gauze, ordinary stitching and needle, etc.), the cleaning and depreciation of surgical equipment, and the treatment of medical waste during surgery are not charged. Therefore, for cost considerations, most domestic hospitals are currently reused surgical clothes, rather than one -time waterproof surgery.

Why do male doctors are arranged?Tell you the reason

Second, do the patients with surgery take off?

As for whether patients need to take off their clothes during surgery, they need to be determined by the situation.

First, it depends on the site of the surgery.

If the surgery site is on the upper body, patients generally only need to take off the top; if the surgical site is in the abdomen (including the intestine, the appendix, etc.), in addition to taking off the shirt, the patient needs to take off the pants to the three points above the thighs above the thighs above the thighs above the thigh One part;

If the surgical site is in the lower body (including the knee, ankle joint, etc.), the patient usually needs to take off all the pants, and the shirt is not taken off.

Secondly, some electrocardiogram should be made for patients during some surgery to monitor their vital signs. At this time, patients need to take off some shirts to expose their chests. Some surgery durates for a long time, and patients need to take off their pants to guide urine.

There are also some surgery, such as large -scale surgery such as tumor resection, knee replacement surgery, and some urology and gynecological surgery. Doctors need to pay attention to the changes in multiple organ tissues of patients at all times, and patients need to take off all the clothing.

Why do male doctors are arranged?Tell you the reason

Why do you take off your clothes during surgery? It is mainly related to the following two factors.

First, during the surgery, the environment within the range of surgery needs to be ensured as sterile as possible, so the disinfection range during surgery also needs to be as large as possible. According to relevant regulations, the scope of surgical disinfection is specifically expanded to more than 15 cm out of the incision.

Second, during the surgery, doctors may extend surgical incisions according to the specific situation.

Although the patient took off his clothes before surgery, he did not have to worry too much about exposing his body during the operation.

Because after disinfection, the doctor will cover the surroundings of the surgery with a sterile shop, only the part of the surgical incision is exposed. And after surgery, nurses usually help patients wear clothes. For patients with large wounds, difficult to move their limbs, and anesthesia, the nurse will also help him cover the quilt first, and then help the patient himself or his family to help dress up according to the doctor’s order.


Why do male doctors are arranged?Tell you the reason

Third, why are there male doctors in gynecology? Can you ask for change?

Many female patients are worried or scared when they see a male doctor for gynecological examination or surgery for themselves.

In fact, male doctors of obstetrics and gynecology are very common, and many of the top obstetrics and gynecologists are men. On the one hand, the obstetrics and gynecology department has high physical strength and needs hundreds of patients every day, while male doctors usually have good physical strength. On the other hand, compared with female doctors, young male doctors can withstand greater pressure in the first two or three years of employment. This pressure can make them cherish and treat each diagnosis and treatment opportunity to obtain patients’s patients’s how to obtain patients’s patients’s’s what I have obtained. trust.

Yuan Zhong, deputy chairman of the Humanities and Medical Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, said that the gender of doctors is not the core. In fact, people are worried that they will be harmed in the departments involving privacy and moral constraints.

In order to reduce the embarrassment or concerns of female patients, hospitals and departments usually arrange female medical staff or family members of patients when the male doctor checks the privacy of female patients. If the patient still minds it, he can also be replaced with a female doctor for diagnosis and treatment. In fact, many women are resistant to gynecological examinations, not just gender issues.

Why do male doctors are arranged?Tell you the reason

From the perspective of women, gynecological examination is a psychological and physiological torture for patients. According to the data of “Research Report on Gluctivating Health in China”, 71%of women have symptoms of gynecology, and only 57.5%of women will choose to seek medical treatment. After gynecological symptoms, 39.3%of women will choose to take medicine by themselves, and 19.4%of women will choose not to deal with it.

Under the influence of traditional thoughts, women carry huge intangible moral pressure from watching gynecology to gynecological examination. And many women believe that gynecological examinations will bring strong discomfort and pain to the body, cause fear and anxiety, and are unwilling to do gynecological examinations.

From the perspective of a doctor, in addition to the different professional literacy of each doctor, on the one hand, the work intensity of gynecologists and the attitude towards gynecological examinations will also affect the experience of gynecological treatment.

Why do male doctors are arranged?Tell you the reason

There are a lot of patients to observe the obstetrics and gynecology department every day. In the case of a large workload and tight time, it is difficult for doctors to keep in a state when facing patients. Feedback will be different.

In addition, doctors usually focus on cure when they are in a doctor, and it is easy to ignore the patient’s emotional problems, which is one of the reasons why the patient experiences poorly.

Improving the psychological care of patients with gynecological clinics is an urgent issue of attention.


Why do male doctors are arranged?Tell you the reason

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