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Why do malignant tumors spread and what symptoms occur before spreading?Oncologists reveal the secrets for you

For patients, the most afraid of hearing is “Sorry, your tumor spreads”, this kind of words are like death in advance, and for tumor doctors, tumor diffusion is a normal thing,But this does not mean a good thing.

Why does malignant tumor spread?

Cancer cells are constantly splitting and proliferating, but compared with normal cells, cancer cells are splitting too fast and metabolism, which has led to continuously expanding the lesion area.

The areas inside the body are limited. When the proliferation of cancer cells in a certain area reaches a certain degree, it will be transferred to other areas.Furthermore, cancer cells are easy to fall off from the tumor body, free from the blood vessels, and once you follow it in other areas, a new lesion will be formed, which is also metastasis.

Almost all malignant tumors will be metastasized. When the tumor growth reaches 1-2 cm, the cancer cells have the ability to metastasize.Clinical data shows that each gram of tumor tissue can release 3 to 4 million cancer cells into the blood. Once these cancer cells that are free of cancer in the blood are rooted in other parts of the body, a metastatic new lesion will occur.

The speed of cancer cell diffusion is mainly affected by 4 factors



Differential degree: Clinically, cancer is divided into high -divide, medium differentiation, and low differentiation types. The degree of differentiation is low, the infiltration is obvious, the degree of mutation is high, and the degree of malignant levels will increase, which also means that remote metastasis will occur.

Types: different types of cancer, which causes different speeds of metastasis.Clinically, blood supply to organs, such as tumors in the lungs, liver, brain and other areas, often moves fast.

Mechanical stimulation: Cancer cells can fall off the blood vessels from the tumor body, which may cause metastatic lesions.Therefore, in the process of puncture testing or even after diagnosis, some patients have increased the risk of cancer cells into blood vessels due to mechanical stimulation of tumors.

Patient status: Even the same cancer, the performance of different patients is different, which is related to the different physical conditions of the patient.Generally, patients with poor condition and low immunity. This situation increases the risk and speed of cancer cells.

Once the tumor is metastasized, the patient will have symptoms.

These 5 symptoms in the body indicate that malignant tumors are spreading

1. Painless block of the body surface

Common parts are lymph nodes on the neck clavicle, and painless blocks appear. This is a sign of superficial lymph node metastasis.The second is the lymph nodes at the axillary and groin. Once the block appears, it basically indicates that the transfer appears.

2. Decreased weight

Patients will cause weight loss and weight loss, which is caused by a large amount of cancer cells in the body and consumed nutrients.

3. Pain

The metastasis of cancer will be accompanied by the pain in the metastatic site.For example, lung metastasis caused by esophageal cancer, patients’ chest areas may have symptoms of pain.For pain in different parts of the body, patients need to seek medical treatment in time.

4. Headache and dizziness

Most types of cancer will cause brain metastasis. If the patients are edema due to metastasis, patients will feel headache and dizziness, and there will be a heavy shadow when they look at things.Because the brain is responsible for the physical activity of the body and various functions such as the body and language, different parts of the transfer may affect some functions of the patient.

5. Decreased appetite

With metastasis, some patients have symptoms of decreased appetite, and the metabolic function of tumor patients will disorder.

Cancer patients prevent tumor diffusion. On the one hand, it is necessary to review regularly after the treatment is over, usually every three months of review. If the body does not perform abnormally, it will gradually reduce the frequency of review.

On the other hand, cancer patients should avoid excessive psychological pressure whether in treatment or rehabilitation.Australian research found that stress will increase the rate of cancer six times.

Therefore, cancer patients should learn to adjust their psychological state. If it is physical and psychological damage caused by treatment such as chemotherapy, patients need to be proposed in a timely manner for corresponding treatment to relieve the risk of metastasis brought by stress.

Furthermore, after treatment, after surgical resection, according to the actual situation of the body and the comprehensive judgment of the doctor, appropriate preventive treatment, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc. to reduce the risk of metastasis.

Supplementary reading: Malignant Tumor New Domestic New Drug R & D has made major breakthroughs

While the general treatment method is becoming more and more mature in the field of cancer treatment, new types of treatment solutions are constantly appearing.As of August 2019, 6 new drugs in China have been released in the treatment of malignant tumors.

Arotinib is used to treat advanced or metastatic non -small cell lung cancer;

Penkinib, used to treat breast cancer;

Sininib, used to treat rectal cancer;

Tripley Mippy

Cindei Mipida is used to treat the typical Hodgkin lymphoma;

Corrizumab is used to treat recurrence and cure Hodgkin lymphoma.

With the continuous emergence of new schemes and new drugs, there are more new options in the treatment of cancer.

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