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Why do men always fall asleep after “passion”?Analysis: There are about 2 reasons

Scholars at the University of Michigan conducted anonymous investigations on 456 male volunteers and asked them to answer their wishes after “applauding for love”, and the answer was surprisingly consistent.

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Most participants hoped to sleep immediately after choosing “applauding”. Many people said, “If you hold back to chat with your partner, you don’t feel happy, but you are more tired.”

Many women don’t understand why men can fall asleep after passionate passion. Did he not love me? Does he just want to “applaud” with me? Let’s explore inquiry today.

Why do men fall asleep afterwards?

How tired is “applauding” at a time, and only people who have experienced them can answer them. Because of this, most men felt tired after “finishing”. They chose to fall asleep as soon as possible, leaving the female partner on the side, and began to stare at the man who was sleeping.

A set of survey data from abroad shows that after sexual life, most men fall to sleep. The 1/3 man immediately gets up to smoke or finds things to eat. 14%of men go to the toilet, 9%of men go to take a bath … In general, most men ignore the golden time of enhancing their relationship with their partners afterwards.

However, it is understood that the physiological structure of men and women is different. After the husband and wife live, a large number of oxytocin will secrete in the body, and a major function of oxytocin is to make people fall asleep and have sleepy. In addition, in the life of husband and wife, men will be more physical consumption. Therefore, after some hard work, the desire is satisfied, the physical strength is serious, and the effect of hormones, it is not surprising that men fall to sleep, leaving a gloomy partner.

In fact, “the second half” is also very important

For women, after the end of the “work”, a slow excitement process must be experienced. Therefore, if a man goes to do other things immediately and ignores the feelings of his partner, it will affect the feelings of both parties. Women will feel that men only care about their desires and do not pay attention to their feelings. They may have disgust for a long time.

Furthermore, for men who fall asleep, it is more likely to get tired after waking up. Studies have shown that a husband and wife life is equivalent to a medium -intensity physical exercise. The energy consumption of the body is huge, the tissue and organs are metabolized, and the tension of the nervous system has not completely relaxed. Fatigue symptoms such as back pain.

Therefore, the life of the husband and wife must be “good and good”, and the second half of the half must be. The correct way is not to rush to do other things, but to embrace your partner, remember the wonderful life just now, or talk about the pillow words, promote the feelings of both parties, and avoid bad emotions from one of them.

Extension: urination afterwards, different methods of men and women are different

For good health, there are many precautions, such as whether to take a bath or not to wipe the private part with a paper towel … Especially after the urination of the post, men and women are different.

For women, urination should be immediately urinated immediately afterwards. Because women’s urethra is short and straight, urinary tract infections are prone to occur. Bacteria may pollute the outer mouth and around the anus. Urcetes are used to use sterile urine to wash the urethra, which can drive away foreign bacteria and reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.

For men, you need to rest before urination. Unlike women, men have a long urethra, bacteria are not easy to retrograde, and urinary tract infections are not prone to occur. Moreover, if urination is immediately urinated, the oppressed urethra will increase resistance, resulting in effort to urination, and even urine retrograde, increasing the risk of bladder and prostatitis.


There is also learning to do things, not simply solving physiological problems, but the process of in -depth exchanges between the two sides. Therefore, no matter whether it is a man or a woman, you must learn to care about the feelings of your partner and actively promote the feelings of both parties. Of course, pay attention to hygiene, know what to do and what should not be done.

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