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Why do men like women’s breasts?

His son, who has been less than 7 months old, has been annoyed recently. All kinds of intimidation and seducts still use it or not very much. The baby’s father can’t help but say, “The boy does not know the blessing! If you don’t eat it now, you have to wait 20 years later. I can eat it! “

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It is said that there is a proverb in the West, “You can push the man’s face from the woman’s chest, but you can’t stop his eyes.” More than 90%of sex began to start from touching the chest, and it seemed to have become the opening ceremony of love. Well, why do men like women’s chest so much?

First of all, the reason why men like women’s breasts is related to his childhood memory


Let’s say that, not long after being born, as a baby, he will soon realize that when he feels hungry, there will be a white, large and soft breasts come over to his mouth. This breast is not only satisfied with him. The gastrointestinal and intestines also satisfied his sucking pleasure, and made his heart feel the sense of love and security, as well as the happiness that was accepted.

When he is hungry, the larger the breast, the more he means to him, the more sufficient the food can be satisfied.

If you don’t need to look at this instructions, you will immediately know how to use it. In the next year, as long as he let go of his throat, this pair of full spheres will automatically fall from the sky, and suddenly one day, there is no sign and reason, which disappears from his life, in his life, in his life, in his life, in his life, in his life, in him During the period of being able to touch another pair of breasts (at least ten years), when you look at it, you may be scolded as a wolf.

To make matters worse, this beloved thing can be seen everywhere on the street. They are rippling and ups and downs, but he is completely incompetent to touch.

And girls who are also babies have no such experience at all. After all, they have them after 13 years old!

It is said to have something to do with the love mother complex


Men have more or less love maternal complexes, but the degree of performance is different. In fact, men’s mother -in -law complex and breast complexes have the same magic. From a certain perspective, the latter is the continuation of the former, or it is a by -product derived from the mother -in -law complex.

And because our human beings are deep in “incest”, people will pay great attention to avoiding contact with the physical contact with the opposite sex parents, which makes men eager to experience the feeling of young age, and they can no longer touch and suck their mother’s mother. Breasts, even our culture and the education he received did not allow him to have a trace of thought.

So he had to project this need to be projected on other women, and in order to get the feeling similar to his young age, he would subconsciously eager to bigger, bigger breasts -because his hands were small at that time, his hands were small, and his hands were small, and his hands were very small, and his hands were very small. As a result, the mother’s breast full of milk looks extraordinarily huge.

Can’t resist visual impact

Plum breasts are the second characteristic of women, and she shows the perfect curve of women. Tall breasts give people a strong visual impact and beauty, giving people a strong desire for sex. And none of the straight men can resist.


Truth feel comfortable

In terms of touch, the plump breasts feel very moist. It is said that the most water on the man’s body is both hands, and the place with the most water on the woman is the chest. The elasticity and smoothness of the huge breasts make men want to be drunk.

Busty women are smarter

Scholars at the University of Chicago in the United States have found that the average score of women with large breasts in IQ test is 10 points higher than other women. Researchers say this is related to sex hormones, and it can determine the size of the breast.

In addition, from the perspective of natural selection, men with higher IQs are more willing to choose women with large breasts as partners to ensure the inheritance of the genetic genetic advantages.

Big breasts have the advantage of reproduction

Biology proves that women with big breasts have a unique reproduction advantage, more estrogen, and it is easy to conceive. Scientifically proves that women with small breasts are usually small proportional to the pelvis, and they bring the narrowness of the birth canal. Subjectively speaking, this man naturally likes it. The narrowness of the birth canal can cause fertility difficulties, which is not conducive to children’s smooth delivery.

Therefore, God’s arranged men like big breasts, and it is not without any reason. In addition, women with big breasts are also abundant during lactation, and breastfeeding is most suitable for young children to develop. (However, this has been proven to be wrong. The big breasts do not mean that there are many milk, and the breasts can be cow!)

In the end, because the man does not have it, he feels particularly mysterious

Due to XY chromosomes, men cannot have a plump breast like a woman. Because I do n’t, it is easy to make men feel that women ’s breasts are mysterious.

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