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Why do more and more people get liver cancer?How many dangers hidden around you, how many?

Liver cancer is one of the common malignant tumors. It is more common among Chinese adults. The “Chinese Liver Cancer Big Data” released in 2018 shows that the world’s newly developed primary liver cancer cases are 841,000 and China 393,000 The number of %, showing that the incidence rate is high, it is surprising.

Liver cancer is so common, on the one hand, it is closely related to the transformation and screening method of modern people’s lifestyles. On the other hand, it is also because of the diverse causes of liver cancer. Many people have difficulty avoiding contact with them. High.

The proportion of the cause of liver cancer

There are many risk factors that cause liver cancer. The main factors of liver cancer in my country are viral hepatitis infections, darbin -toxin pollution in food, long -term alcoholism, and drinking water pollution in rural areas.

About one -third of the history of chronic hepatitis in patients with liver cancer, about 50%to 90%of the combined liver cirrhosis. In recent years, its development ratio has even exceeded hepatitis B. Change food, etc. can also increase the incidence of 33%-66%of liver cancer.

There is a way: cure is worse than prevention. In fact, according to these causes of liver cancer, patients can fundamentally effectively prevent liver cancer!

Seven -character policy at the first level of liver cancer: change water, prevent mildew, and prevent hepatitis

The most common means of preventing liver cancer in the world is to vaccinate hepatitis B vaccine. However, this measure is not perfect for China. In the 1970s, China proposed a prevention policy formulated in combination with national conditions, that is: change water to change water to change water to change water. , Anti -mildew and hepatitis.

Change the water

Water pollution is the most invincible harm. Our daily drinking water is often contaminated by polychromic benzene, chloroform, and in recent years, a blue -green algae plant with strong carcinogenicity has been found in the countryside. Plants grow in water sources such as ponds, which will pollute water sources.

Faced with such hidden health hazards, only people around them can clearly clear the harm, avoid drinking, and consciously improve the pollution of drinking water can the problem be fundamentally solved.

Specific measures can be divided into three parts: first, using water quality detection technology to exclude polluting water sources and avoid use of residents; second, the harm caused by promoting the algae plants that pollute water quality, residents can avoid or adopt themselves by themselves or adopt themselves. Proper measures to clear these algae plants with risks of pollution; third, strengthen the construction and supervision of the sewage discharge system, strictly control the emissions of chemicals that will contaminate drinking water, such as polychromic benzene, chloroform, etc. The above three measures can ensure the safety of water resources.

From the perspective of daily life, we must pay attention to the hygiene of water quality of drinking water. Now many families will choose to install a purifier at home, because although tap water has been basic disinfection, it will still carry bacterial viruses in raw water and drink for a long time. These contaminated water are more likely to induce liver cancer.


Of course, if there is no condition to install the purifier, adding a faucet filter can also prevent it. If the water quality at home has a odor, if possible, you can go to the special institution inspection, or change it to a regular sanitary bucket water.

In short, to ensure that the last drinking into the stomach is the boiled, clean and hygienic water.


The metabolic product of muterocyromycin has a carcinogenic effect. It often exists in the mildew corn, peanuts and other foods. Survey data shows that foods are severely contaminated by darrin. High, so I have to prevent it!

In daily life, people should maintain good eating habits. For severe mildew foods, they should be handled properly as possible, do not eat; if you are not willing to throw food with mild mold, you can choose it carefully. Perform cleaning. However, it is still recommended that moldy foods should be abandoned, because the decomposition temperature of mackerelin is 268 ° C, and it is difficult to reach this high temperature in family cooking.

In high incidence areas, the best measure is to improve the dietary structure of residents from the root, especially the coastal areas. The dietary structure of pickled and air -dried foods is more likely to increase the opportunity to contact moldy foods. Risk of illness.

Prevent hepatitis

The development of hepatitis B and hepatitis C and hepatitis C is very close. Survey shows that one -third of patients with liver cancer have a history of chronic hepatitis. Therefore, it is very important to avoid hepatitis and early screening.

Among them, hepatitis B is the most common viral hepatitis. It is estimated that there are about 70 million hepatitis B virus infected in my country, and about 7.9 million hepatitis C infections, and about 330,000 people die per year from hepatitis B or hepatitis C infection and primary liver cancer.

The main propagation of hepatitis B is saliva and blood transmission, so people should pay attention to avoid these two ways. Some people dare not contact patients with hepatitis B, which is also a misunderstanding.

In fact, in daily life, as long as hepatitis B patients separate the supplies such as toothbrushes, shaving knives, etc., female patients pay attention to menstrual hygiene, and hepatitis B will not be transmitted to others. Hepatitis B surface antigen carriers can go to school and work normally, and live like ordinary people.

Moreover, hepatitis B will not spread through air, digestive tract or diet. It will not be transmitted to work, talks, and meals together in the same room, but be careful not to share the chopsticks.

Hepatitis B is generally not transmitted to others through handshake, unless both sides have cracks and bleeding. Hepatitis B can be screened by checking bloodmarks. The commonly used examination of hospitals is five hepatitis B, and it can also be screened through the nucleic acid of hepatitis B.

The serum standards of liver cancer are nail protein and can be used as the standard for screening of liver cancer. However, because the changes in nail protein are not 100 % accurate, other screening methods will be clinically used as aid, such as liver B -ultrasound.

Special reminder: the harm of alcohol to the liver is irreversible

In addition to the above pathological factors, long -term alcoholism is the most important factor in liver cancer. This liver “killer” can cause liver breakdown obstacles, severe causes of fatty liver and liver cirrhosis, which is extremely serious.

So if you do n’t drink wine, you ca n’t drink it. You ca n’t quit, and you should control the amount. The “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” (2016 edition) recommends that adult men drink no more than 25 grams a day (equivalent to 750 ml of beer or 250 ml of wine), and adult women drink no more than 15 grams a day.

If you look closely, there are many factors in life that are closely related to liver cancer. We cannot completely avoid, especially drinking water, food, drugs, etc., but because they cannot avoid, we must learn to prevent it.

Usually pay attention to the preservation and cleaning of food, and ensure health. Dangerous behaviors such as alcoholism must be improved. There are also drugs. We must also learn to avoid use under the guidance of doctors under the guidance of doctors.

Although liver cancer has been developing in China, fortunately, under the prevents measures of seven -character, this situation gradually improves, and people are more and more valued on liver cancer screening. They can stay away from liver cancer to the greatest extent!

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