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Why do people have a “elderly taste” on their bodies?Persist in 5 habits, old or tasteless

When the Mid -Autumn Festival reunion, the son’s family said that he would come back. Lao Zhang had a good meal with his wife Zhang Luo early, and waited for the children to come back at home.

As soon as the grandson entered the door, he said: “Grandpa, what a taste of you, it’s really unsatisfactory!”, Suddenly made Lao Zhang embarrassed.

He was wondering, why can’t he smell the taste? Is it true that there is an old man?

First, why are old people old?

Researchers from the United States, Japan, Sweden and other countries have found that the elderly are related to the body’s metabolism.

After 40 years of age, the antioxidant substances on the surface of the human body will slowly decrease, the secreted 2-deedyne aldoin will accumulate, and then it will produce elderly. Young people generally do not have this taste. Therefore, the elderly are also called For age.

But why can we smell this taste, but the elderly cannot smell themselves?

This is because everyone has a smell threshold for different odors. The lower the smell threshold, the more sensitive the nose is.

Studies have found that the smell threshold of the elderly is more than 2-15 times higher than young people. As the elderly increase, their noses are becoming more and more sensitive with their age. In addition, it may be that he has adapted to this smell, so he is not sensitive to this smell, and he can’t smell it.


Second, these 4 things may be the incentives

The emergence of the elderly may actually be related to various reasons. The following things may be the cause of the elderly.

1. Don’t pay attention to personal hygiene

Many elderly people do not pay much attention to personal hygiene. They do not like to take a bath and change clothes. There is always a smell of sweat.

2. Diabetic control is not ideal

If the diabetes is not ideal, the blood sugar in the body is not fully used, and the fat will be decomposed to supply energy. In the process, it may produce ketone body and exhale a rotten apple taste.

3. Sports can decline

With the increase of age, various functions of the body will gradually decline, and even various symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, urinary incontinence, vaginitis, etc. will also cause the body to produce odor.

4. Oral disease

With oral diseases, it may also have a bad smell. When speaking, it makes people feel a bad taste.


Third, do these well, old or not tasteless

The elderly want to avoid being stared at by the elderly. Usually, we must do a good job of prevention and do the following things. Perhaps there is no special taste on the old body.

1. Bathing frequently, change more clothes

Even if you are old, you must maintain a certain frequency of bathing, try to take a bath frequently, and change clothes at the same time to avoid various odors accumulation.

2. Move more

The elderly should also exercise regularly to avoid some unpleasant appreciation due to chronic diseases. It is recommended to choose their own suitable sports and perform regular exercise.

3. Clean oral cavity

The elderly should regularly clean the oral cavity, and may also remove the odor of the oral cavity and protect the oral health.

4. Light diet

Usually try to ensure that the diet is light, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less irritating foods such as onions and garlic.

5. Frequent windows to ventilate

The place where the elderly live must be opened to ventilate, otherwise the smell in the room may stay on the body.

Old people always have a unpleasant taste, which belongs to an aging odor in itself, which may also be related to various reasons such as insufficient personal hygiene cleaning, unsatisfactory disease control, and oral diseases. Take a bath, change clothes frequently, clean the oral hygiene, often open the windows and ventilate, ensure that the diet is light, and so on.

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